Beware of KKBT- Review

The KKBT has fallen.

The Ponzi scheme is the most recent exit scam in a string of app-based Ponzis that are all thought to have their origins in Asia.

Although I didn’t have time to study KKBT, it appeared to be another “click a button” task Ponzi scam.

Two internet names, one of which targeted a different nation, were used to host KKBT.

The domain “,” which was privately registered on January 12th, 2022, was intended to target South Africa.

The domain “,” which was privately registered on January 12th, was intended to target India.

Each of the websites has a companion app that was designed with that nation’s currency and language in mind. Be aware that the Indian adaptation of KKBT doesn’t seem to have taken off.

The KKBT scheme involved bitcoin mining, or “click a button.” The mining revenue was depicted as being produced by pressing a button each day for each investment.

That was nonsense because KKBT just collapsed using the “website offline” exit scam.

Several “click a button” task app-based Ponzis have appeared over the past few months.

I’ve seen the following warning flags of these clone apps:

Before it seemed to be regionally specific based on payment processors and language, earlier iterations were fronted by locals, but now tend to just be a login form website; all feature “VIP” investment plans. The name is typically just a string of random letters, occasionally with numbers on the end.

Typically, investors must press a button each day to be eligible for rewards (not always)

The same back-end application with clunky buttons encourages bitcoin investment, occasionally with a localized payment processor choice.

This list is not exhaustive and is subject to modification as fraudsters’ tactics become more widely known.

I’ve listed several “click a button” app-based Ponzi schemes on BehindMLM, including:

COTP, which claimed that affiliates could generate trading activity by clicking a button, folded in May 2022.

PDF Finance claims that pressing a button will result in commissionable sales.

Similar app-based Ponzi EthTRX lacks the daily task component.

Yu Klik, who promises that pressing a button would start trading, focuses on Indonesia

Targeting Colombia, EasyTask 888 has customers that enjoy YouTube videos and claim that this provides income.

All of the “click a button” apps Ponzis originate in Asia. I’m not sure how they manage to recruit locals to operate the numerous locally adapted Ponzi scams, though.

These frauds are more widespread. I am aware that I have a couple more reviews on my list to go through. shall update as they transpire.

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