Beware of EQT Bank – Review Part 2

The EQT Bank Ponzi scam by Anthony Norman included Universal Pickle.

The defunct Ponzi scheme known as Dragon Global Finance was revived by EQT Bank.

In an updated update, Norman informed investors that “both parties have agreed to terminate the relationship in a friendly manner.”

Yes, that is Anthony Norman dividing the parts of his most recent Ponzi scheme in a cosmetic manner.

Norman used a protracted “haters” exit scam rather than just admitting that EQT Bank and Universal Pickle were bankrupt.

At first, the enthusiastic response overwhelmed and thrilled us. We had a terrific time working with you and Pickle’s devoted fans, but a few people started acting in a very unprofessional and inappropriate manner.

This included making threats against our employees and, more crucially, contacting the public firms we were marketing in highly unethical ways. As a result, EQT ran the risk of losing some of its most important clients.

Such behavior is unacceptable, and we have in each case alerted the appropriate authorities.

We have always had zero tolerance for such behavior, and we will continue to do so. We won’t put ourselves or our clients in situations where they are exposed to conduct that is inappropriate for the workplace.

We have been quiet because we have been considering and reviewing our next steps and because we wanted to communicate clearly and accurately given the time delays this spring.

Following this, we concluded that EQT and UPL have a bright future and could have a great synergy. However, because of our differing perspectives on the operational aspects and the fact that the benefits of EQT outweigh the operational risk and hassle in light of the project’s size, both parties have decided to end their partnership amicably.

Norman has unavoidably amassed a sizable number of victims over the years, but here’s the true reason he’s cutting the cord:

The writing is already on the wall after only two months. It’s time to come up with a fresh idea because Norman got his money by peddling UPL to unsuspecting investors.

The website for EQT Bank appears to be no longer active. It is now displaying a security certificate error.

Norman is offering investors a refund to deter them from contacting the authorities.

Next week, everyone who enrolled will get an email with instructions, and all cash will be distributed in May when money is returned to us.

Bring on the anticipated refund delays next month, the website going down for Universal Pickle, and more justifications.

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