Beware of BitPlam – Review

Russia has issued a pyramid fraud notice to BitPlam.

This is a little strange considering that a BitPlam is said to have collapsed in November.

According to a warning issued by the Central Bank of Russia on April 1st, BitPlam shows “marks of a financial pyramid” scheme.

BitPlam was introduced in late 2021 and advertised a 4–5% daily ROI.

BitPlam’s investment component was a Ponzi scam. BitPlam’s MLM component was a pyramid scam.

Readers of BehindMLM started reporting BitPlam non-payment as early as November 21.

As of early January 2022, according to Alexa’s website research, BitPlam’s website traffic has been steadily declining:

Russia (11 percent), Indonesia (8 percent), and Iran are now the top three countries sending visits to BitPlam’s website (6 percent ).

The social media accounts for BitPlam were deleted in November 2021, right before they fell apart.

However, the BitPlam website is still accessible. Therefore, it appears that either the CBR’s investigation was postponed or that unscrupulous investors are still being sought after in Russia.

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