Beware of Antares Trade & Alcor Trade – Review

The third relaunch of Aleksey Zhirovkin’s Antares Trade Ponzi is planned.

In a video that was posted on February 10 on Alcor Trade’s official YouTube account, Zhirovkin, portraying the fictitious CEO Alex Richter, unveiled “Antares 2.0.”

The fictitious regulatory difficulties that Antares Trade is running with are continued in the cover tale that Zhirovkin is using.

Undoubtedly, Antares Trade has regulatory challenges, but these problems are unrelated to Zhirovkin’s fantasy.

Antares Trade was shuttered by Zhirovkin in August. Zhirovkin asserted that the exit scam was a component of

The firm will need to be verified by regulators for up to 60 days.

Six months later, the regulators—who will only be referred to as “the regulator”—have allegedly completed their audit.

Zhirovkin said it as such in his most recent Alcor Trade video:

On February 9, 2022, the regulator just finished up the audit of Antares.

And as I had anticipated, the audit’s findings were quite encouraging.

The regulatory body approved the Antares platform’s continued operation, although with restrictions.

First, the regulator charged us a $7 million penalty for breaking several financial regulations governing investment platforms. It must be paid before we go back to work.

Is there any proof of this? Nope.

Changes in the work format are the next prerequisite for Antares to begin operations.

Working with intermediate firms was prohibited for Antares. And now Antares’ finance division must handle the process of earning investment revenue.

Simply said, we must generate income investing on our own for our investors.

By questioning why Antares Trade used middlemen in the first place if it could earn external money, this aspect of the falsehood is exposed.

Losses incurred by victims were wiped off when Richter exit-scammed Antares Trade (he kept the money).

Of course, that money is gone. Richter must deal with the problem, though, if he hopes to persuade schmucks to put money into his revived Ponzi scheme.

Since investor funds are in the accounts of intermediary businesses, they will still be temporarily frozen.

Alcor Trade investment balances and/or outstanding withdrawals are not addressed by Zhirovkin.

On March 4th, Zhirovkin intends to unveil Antares 2.0.

As a straightforward AND Ponzi points scam, Antares Trade debuted in 2020. Antares Trade’s failure in the middle of 2021 prompted the Alcor Trade rebirth.

In September 2021, Zhirovkin was attempting to raise money for Alcor Trade by promising an ROI of 200,000 percent.

Nobody in Alcor Trade made anywhere close to 200,000 percent.

Zhirovkin is Russian fugitive hiding in the Dominican Republic who, as previously said, plays fake CEO, Alex Richter.

Russia (Antares and Alcor), Canada (Antares and Alcor), Belgium, Spain, and other countries have all issued warnings about Antares Trade and Alcor Trade scam.

To stop Zhirovkin’s Ponzi fraud, Dominican authorities have done nothing.

The top three traffic sources for Alcor Trade’s website, according to Alexa, are Egypt (20%), Madagascar (19%), and Vietnam (5 percent ).

Additionally, no regulatory action has been taken by those nations’ authorities.

Updated on May 4, 2022. Antares Trade 2.0 is progressing, but Zhirovkin has discovered fresh con artists in Africa.

As a result, Antares Trade 2.0 is simmering in the background while Alcor Trade is still active.

Antares Trade 2.0 and Alcor Trade have failed as of May 15, 2022.

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