Beware of Marketing Boost – Review

No details regarding the company’s ownership or management are offered by Marketing Boost.

You must visit Marketing Boost’s webinars off-site to get that content. There, Marco Torres’ founding of Marketing Boost is disclosed.

Torres has a large number of Facebook profiles. On one of them, we can see that Marketing Boost was introduced in 2017.

The business has a connection to Digital Experts LLC.

Florida is where Torres is based, according to one of his biographies. There is a Digital Experts LLC that was formed in Florida; I believe this to be the same business.

Marketing Boost’s clone launch, Advertising Boost, looks to be:

I’m not sure what the plot is there, but Advertising Boost is no longer in operation. The Marketing Boost website may be reached by going to the domain of Advertising Boost.

The domain registration for Advertising Boost’s website was last modified on January 31st, 2022.

Torres does have marketing experience, but I was unable to determine whether he has MLM experience.

To learn more about the MLM opportunity offered by Marketing Boost, continue reading.

Boosting Sales of its Products

Marketing Boost promotes a platform that ties vacation packages to customer purchase offers.

Nothing entices a potential customer more, regardless of the sort of goods or services you offer than offering a free vacation in exchange for accepting your offer, upselling, or referral request.

When your prospects begin seeing themselves unwinding on a sandy beach, your products and services become enticing. seeing the countless bright signs on the Las Vegas Strip… or dining on a regional fare in a charming Mexican plaza—all on someone else’s pay.

It also feels nice to be able to give your new customers wonderful vacations, especially because it’s not at YOUR expense. We own it.

Once you’ve welcomed your new client or customer, you’ll arrange for them to get a voucher to use to redeem their trip. Their credentials must then be activated within 7 days.

The certificates can be used to book and travel at any time throughout their 18-month validity period after activation.

According to Marketing Boost, using their platform can “instantly Boost Sales by 60% or More.”

The monthly fee for using the Marketing Boost platform is $197.

Marketing Boost’s Pay Structure

Affiliates for the $37 marketing platform are compensated for membership purchases.

Both retail customers and affiliates who have been recruited can purchase these products.

Down two levels of hiring, Marketing Boost pays commissions (unilevel):

forty percent on level one (personal sales)

ten percent on level two (sales made by those you recruit)

Auto Bonus

A Marketing Boost affiliate is eligible for a Car Bonus when they acquire 200 active members for the marketing platform.

With the Automobile Bonus, you may lease your “dream car” for $500 per month.

The Car Bonus is increased to $1,000 per month for Marketing Boost affiliates that produce and keep 400 active marketing platform members.

Taking part in Marketing Boost

The affiliate program for Marketing Boost looks to be free.

Finale: Marketing Boost

Who is paying for all of these trips, because a subscription to Marketing Boost’s platform costs $197 per month?

The following query is answered on the website for Marketing Boost:

So who pays for these excursions if I don’t?

We do.

We collaborate closely with business insiders who know unsold luxury lodgings at popular tourist sites in the United States and abroad that are not available to the general public.

We collaborate with service providers to get incredibly low costs for these unsold rooms.

Why? Because owners of the properties are aware that they can recover their expenses through on-site dining and room service, casino revenue, spa services, valet parking, and other add-ons.

If a room is unoccupied, they cannot make that much money. To generate income, they are therefore willing to give away their unsold rooms.

But are they?

The upkeep of an inhabited space comes at a cost. If these lodging providers can’t cover additional expenses, they risk losing more money than if they just let the room sit empty.

There are no conditions associated with the holiday accommodations, according to Marketing Boost’s website.

One thing to remember is that the coupons are only good for lodging. Flights are not included; the client is responsible for paying for everything else.

Because it’s common to see “vacation” and assume that everything is taken care of, I’m not implying that Marketing Boost means anything different by bringing this up.

Although I’m prone to doubt Marketing Boost’s claims, they do appear to stand by their offer.

Try out Marketing Boost now, and if you don’t think it’s the simplest, most efficient approach to increase the number of “YES” responses and your income, simply let us know within the first 30 days, and we’ll be happy to refund your full payment.

Businesses adopting Market Boost will look bad if the holidays are a complete bust.

That won’t last, therefore I’m likely to accept Marketing Boost’s offer on its whole.

If the platform is utilized to promote Marketing Boost, it might be dangerous.

In turn, Marketing Boost declares;

The platform is NOT a stand-alone business opportunity; it is about assisting you in increasing sales and increasing customer and staff loyalty.

I don’t understand why someone couldn’t offer free vacations to sell Marketing Boost itself unless it’s specifically prohibited.

What is the difference between using Marketing Boost as a standalone revenue potential or being attached to a third party?

Naturally, this would raise the possibility that Marketing Boost might operate as a pyramid scam (i.e. the majority of subscribers are also affiliates).

There are some wacky Marketing Boost revenue claims out there, however, I didn’t witness this happening outright:

Fun fact: The video up top was filmed in 2020. Cajun Mayo declared himself to be one of Marketing Boost’s “top affiliates” at the time.

In today’s video, he gives a link that leads to some sort of cryptocurrency scam.

I have the feeling that Marketing Boost may succeed if it were associated with a “conventional” company. Although I have my doubts about its long-term viability.

Be wary of con artists that use Marketing Boost to promote dubious MLM opportunities.

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