Beware of Bestlife Worldwide – Review

Steve Moretta, the founder, and CEO of Bestlife Worldwide seems to have made a deal with Jonathan Sifuentes.

Affiliates of Bestlife Worldwide are being transferred into Sifuentes’ Decentra Ponzi scam, according to a press statement from July 6.

2016 saw a BehindMLM evaluation of Bestlife Worldwide. In search of “Silver” and “Gold” affiliates, we discovered an MLM opportunity for nutritional supplements.

The website for BestLife Worldwide, founded in 2009 by Steve Moretta, has so little traffic that SimilarWeb does not keep track of it. On June 21st, there was a new post on Bestlife Worldwide’s official Facebook page.

The Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi scam by Jonathan Sifuentes is carried out through Dicentra. Sifuentes went to Dubai after a regulatory campaign in Mexico resulted in his detention back in January.

Sifuentes resurrected Xifra as Dicentra there, safe in the heart of MLM crime.

Bestlife Worldwide, like Decentra, is established in Texas but mostly serves Latin Americans.

88.6% of Decentra’s website traffic is presently being tracked by SimilarWeb as coming from Central and South America.

BusinessForHome was the first to uncover Bestlife Worldwide’s “strategic collaboration” with the Decentra Ponzi scheme.

Using verbatim quotes from Moretta (right);

It is a remarkable opportunity to learn about contemporary financial trends. New technologies have significantly contributed to the evolution of this sector of the economy.

I recall the years when the emergence of the internet brought the business considerably closer to the public and made it much more interesting.

I adore Decentra’s idea and philosophy, according to which there are no restrictions or boundaries. We have access to a worldwide business right now.

With its tools and, most importantly, its teaching system, Decentra is a terrific vehicle to assist individuals to attain financial freedom, which has always been one of my life’s goals.

Diego Cajigal is credited by BusinessForHome as serving as the link between Bestlife Worldwide and Decentra.

Cajigal gained notoriety for promoting the infamous OneCoin Ponzi scheme:

Ecuador is presently the third-largest source of visitors to Decentra’s website, according to Cajigal.

Jonathan Sifuentes is dealing with securities fraud allegations from Arizona in addition to regulatory issues in Mexico.

The acquisition of Bestlife Worldwide, in my opinion, was done to provide Sifuentes access to the US without having to advertise there.

However, Texas seems like a curious pick. Among US state regulators, the Texas State Securities Board tends to be more active.

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