Beware of Epic Trading – Review

The Philippines has issued a pyramid scheme notice to Epic Trading.

based on the notification issued by the Philippine SEC on January 19;

The opportunity to earn weekly and monthly referral fees from hiring up to $1,000,000.00 is what draws people to EPIC TRADING rather than the foreign exchange business.

The EPIC Reward Plan, which is essentially a conventional pyramiding cum Ponzi scam in that the more recruits, the bigger the compensation, states that an IBO is entitled to earn income in line with the plan.

In September 2020, BehindMLM reviewed Epic Trading. We noted transparency problems and the possibility of pyramid recruiting.

It’s quite clear that the compensation scheme for Epic Trading was created with affiliate recruiting in mind.

Because Epic Trading did not solicit investments or provide any form of automatic returns, we were able to clear the business of this charge.

The Philippine SEC issued an extra securities fraud notice to Epic Trading, perhaps as a preventative measure.

EPIC TRADING is NOT registered as a company or a partnership, the public is hereby informed.

Additionally, EPIC TRADING is not permitted to make public offers, solicitations, sales, or distributions of any investments or securities.

The general public is advised that any promise or offer of absurdly high rates of return with little to no risk, similar to what EPIC TRADING is making, is a warning sign of a potential Ponzi Scheme, where returns to early investors are likely to be paid out from the investments of new investors and not from the companies’ profits, similar to those already flagged by the Commission as scams.

For the majority of 2021, Epic Trading’s website traffic seems to have been declining.

Currently, Alexa lists the US as the sole significant traffic source (83 percent ).

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