Beware of Hapi Travel – Review

On its website, Hapi Travel Destinations makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

The “about us” page of the website for Hapi Travel Destinations merely states that it is “powered by The Happy Co.”

In April 2021, BehindMLM evaluated The Happy Co. and noted that Elepreneurs had been rebranded as The Happy Co.

Happy Co.’s website does not disclose any executive information.

That is still the case, according to a review of The Happy Co.’s website today.

Hapi Travel Destinations was mentioned to me as a result of the club from BehindMLM.

Review of travel, released in December 2021.

Jonathan McKillip, a former president of Hapi Travel Destinations, is the founder and CEO of the club. Travel.

In February 2021, McKilip was chosen. In August 2021, he quit Hapi Travel Destinations.

In my research for this article, I came across this unlisted video on the official YouTube channel of Hapi Travel Destinations:

Fai Chan is the owner of The Happy Co. and, consequently, Hapi Travel Destinations (aka Chan Heng Fai).

Chan was a co-founder of Galen when he first featured on BehindMLM in 2019.

In November 2019, iGalen ceased operations after losing the rights to its primary product.

I mentioned Fai’s “relationship” with Entrepreneurs and Elevacity in BehindMLM’s iGalen evaluation. Through his business, Health Wealth Happiness, Fai was able to establish this alliance.

Robert Oblon founded Elevacity in 2014, an MLM business with a vacation booking engine concept.

Entrepreneurs, which would essentially serve as Elevacity’s replacement, was introduced by Oblon in 2017.

The co-existing branding of Elevacity and Elepreneurs continues to confuse, as I mentioned in BehindMLM’s second evaluation of Entrepreneurs.

In February 2020, the parent company of Elepreneurs, Sharing Services Inc., charged Oblon with “gross financial malfeasance.”

Fai Chan restarted the business as The Hapi Co. in early 2021, it appears at some stage after this he gained an ownership share in it (he may have been a silent owner previously).

Why Fai Chan doesn’t publicly acknowledge owning The Hapi Co. and Hapi Travel Destinations is a mystery to me.

Beyond ownership, it’s unclear if Fai is in charge of The Hapi Co. and Hapi Travel Destinations.

17th January 2022 update Hapi Travel Destinations splits its retail and affiliate websites, according to Master Trainer Jeremy Jenkins, who shared this information in the comments section below.

The affiliate website’s executive information reveals Garrett McGrath is the CEO of both The Happy Co. and Hapi Travel Destinations.

McGrath (right) seems to have established himself in the EvolvHealth community.

Although it only began in 2010, McGrath is listed as having “over 25+ years of expertise as a top network marketing professional” on his LinkedIn page.

Additionally, since 2012, McGrath has served as president of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.

In November 2021, McGrath, who had previously served as President of Entrepreneurs, was named CEO of The Happy Co.

I’ll end by mentioning that the debut of Hapi Travel Destinations was initially planned for early 2021. The launch was therefore postponed until about October after whatever had occurred between Fai and McKillip.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Hapi Travel Destinations

A cheap trip booking engine is promoted by Hapi Travel Destinations.

Access to the Hapi Travel platform, hotel discounts, rental car savings, flight discounts, restaurant discounts, and “special deals” are all included in the $29 monthly fee of Exclusive Club membership.

A $59 per month Premium Club membership includes

Cruise Savings

SwiftMD Telemedicine Show & Save Offers Gift Cards

The usage of the Koiyn Cash Back Shopping Boss App vendors is not made public.

Plans for Compensation at Hapi Travel Destinations

On their website, Hapi Travel Destinations doesn’t disclose compensation information.

Normally, I don’t assess MLM businesses whose compensation information I can’t confirm, but I’m making an exception for Hapi Travel Destinations.

In the review’s conclusion below, I’ll go through why.

affiliating with Hapi Travel Locations

Affiliate membership for Hapi Travel Destinations is $49.95.

Affiliates of Hapi Travel Destinations get discounted access to the company’s travel memberships:

$25 per month is required to join the Exclusive Club.

$50 a month is required to join the Premium Club.

Is a travel membership subscription required for Hapi Travel Destinations affiliates to acquire and maintain?

Conclusion of Hapi Travel Destinations

Oddly, information on compensation for Hapi Travel Destinations is nowhere to be found. Strange in that there are several affiliate presentations available from affiliates of The Happy Co.

I think the absence of a separate compensation scheme at Hapi Travel Destinations is the cause of this. Instead, it is a component of The Happy Co.’s primary MLM offer.

This misunderstanding between Elevate and Entrepreneurs is not new.

17th January 2022 update Hapi Travel Destinations is recognized as a product by The Happy Co., according to Master Trainer Jeremy Jenkins of The Happy Co.

The pay structure for both possibilities is the same. /end update

I believe that this integration inside The Happy Co. has to be obvious if Hapi Travel Destinations is to be presented as a distinct business, which it is.

But maybe that’s too much to ask if an MLM business can’t be transparent and honest about who runs things.

The memberships offered by Hapi Travel Destinations can be taken at face value by customers.

But this isn’t a review of a consumer product. The lack of openness by Hapi Travel Destinations as an MLM opportunity is a key warning sign.

For a startup, this kind of behavior may be excused, but Fai Chan has been managing MLM businesses for years. And Elevacity, a project by The Happy Co., was first released in 2013.

There is no justification, and The Happy Co., Hapi Travel Destinations, and Fai suffer as a result.

This MLM opportunity is probably best to ignore right now given the continuing worldwide travel uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 fiasco.

The Happy Co. has to resolve disclosure problems relating to Hapi Travel Destinations in the future.

How many retail memberships a potential upline has sold can serve as a quick litmus test if you are contacted by Hapi Travel Destinations for any reason and are thinking about the offer.

Compare this to the number of Hapi Travel Destination affiliate memberships they have sold and make an assessment (you want at least a 1:1 spread).

Unfortunately, if the affiliate is involved and marketing The Happy Co. as well, things get much more difficult. However, BehindMLM’s evaluation of The Happy Co. made mentions the importance of retail.

Overall, I believe The Happy Co. may have something here if they can clear up any misunderstandings about what Hapi Travel Destinations is and, more significantly about due diligence, and how it fits into The Happi Co.’s MLM potential.

By not combining affiliate membership with access to a travel booking engine, Hapi Travel Destinations avoids this issue. That would immediately disqualify it as a pyramid scam.

Approach with prudence until The Happy Co. resolves the difficulties mentioned in this review.

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