Beware of Freeway – Review

Aubit has ceased to exist.

The Ponzi scam announced on January 3rd that it will operate under the name “Freeway.”

AuBit later said that it will start referring to affiliates as “FreewayFam.”

The token that Audit uses is called Freeway. Due to several factors, the business restarted the cryptocurrency in late December “on a fresh smart contract address.”

Freeway’s business strategy looks to be the same as Aubit’s, save for the name change.

The promised return ranges from 8% to 16% each year. Returns on investment from Freeway’s “supercharger” programs reach a yearly rate of 43%.

Because it has “completely regulated brokerage accounts,” Freeway says that this is lawful.

This relates to Ardu Prime, through which Freeway registered the Ardu Prime SA shell business with the UK, Germany, and Greek financial agencies.

Ardu Prime is the owner and operator of the registered trade name AuBit Prime.

Ardu Prime SA is a MiFID II compliant and EU regulated firm. License number issued by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission: 4/164/20.7.1999; FCA reference number: 725166; BaFin ID number: 10146106.

Initially, Ardu Prime and Audit represented each other. This fa├žade was abandoned in late 2021, and Audit acquired an “ownership part” in Ardu Prime.

The audit then said that Ardu Prime now owned and ran the company. Although Audit Prime branding was developed, it doesn’t seem to have taken.

Regardless of whether Ardu Prime is or is not registered with financial authority to market securities, Audit, now Freeway has never been registered with one.

The audit began requesting investments from US citizens in the middle of August 2021. This is carried over into “Freeway Lite US” in Freeway.

Freeway Lite US’ website is just a basic login form, in contrast to Freeway, which claims yearly returns:

The bottom of the Freeway Lite US website includes a company address in Wyoming.

An incorporation service for shell companies is located at this address. In the US, Freeway doesn’t have any tangible company activities.

No shell businesses connected to Ardu Prime, Freeway, or any of them are registered with the SEC.

Sadie Hutton, a co-founder, said in a marketing film released on January 8 that Freeway earned $13.7 million in December 2021.

Mark Kearns and Graham Doggart, the other two co-founders of Hutton and Freeway, claim to be located in Malta.

Updated on July 20, 2022. Sadie Hutton and Graham Doggart could be related personally, according to a UK incorporation filing for GSCD LTD.

A shell business called GSCD Ltd was disbanded in February of this year.

If the dates of birth are correct, a sibling connection cannot exist. Hutton and Doggart may be spouses or distant relatives.

In any case, neither Audit nor Freeway’s marketing has mentioned the personal relationship. ends updating

Malta is a country that encourages scams and has few or no regulations on MLM-related securities fraud.

Its executives, Ardu Prime, and Freeway do not claim to be registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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