Beware of US Business World – Review

US Business World LLC has abandoned its pump and dump campaign for JD Coin.

VOZ Coin has taken its place.

Affiliates invested $150 to $1500 in the initial business plan of US Business World, and in return, they received JD Coin in the same amount.

Since then, US Business World has increased the minimum and maximum investment amounts for its “direct representative” and “blockchain learning” packages.

Bronze Plus: $200 investment yields $200 in VOZ Coin Silver Plus: $500 investment yields $500 in VOZ Coin Gold Plus: $1000 investment yields $1000 in VOZ Coin Platinum Plus: $2000 investment yields $2000 in VOZ Coin Silver Basic Package: $2500 investment yields $2500 in VOZ Coin Gold Intermediate Package: $5000 investment yields $5000 in VOZ Coin Platinum Advanced Package: $10,000 investment yields $10,000 in VOZ Coin

The packages include different blockchain and English language classes.

There is no information on the MLM business opportunity offered by US Business World LLC, thus I’m thinking nothing has changed since 2019.

Additionally, it doesn’t seem as though US Business World LLC’s management has changed:

One thing to take note of is the fact that Bhupinder Singh is now listed as the CEO of US Business World LLC.

This may indicate that US Business World LLC has ceased to represent Arthur Tailor as a real person.

Regarding the reason US Business World LLC sold off JD Coin, its public trading chart shows that not much was occurring:

Early on there was some activity. A few strange spikes, but for the most part, it’s simply another worthless coin.

On December 21, 2020, a Voz Coin website was created through private registration.

JD Coin and Voz Coin are both useless, but Voz Coin has the advantage of not being traded in the open market.

Thus, both withdrawals and the internal value of Voz Coin are entirely in the authority of US Business World LLC.

Voz Coin is now Ponzi points, however, they may be dumped on shady exchanges in the future.

Hydrus7 is a joint venture between JD Coin, Voz Coin, and US Business World LLC marketing.

It is said that Hydrus7 is the “brainchild of JD Coin.”

The fourth-generation blockchain, Hydrus7, is a clear milestone and is ready to address the problems brought on by earlier blockchain generations.

Since Hydrus7 is built on a decentralized ledger and uses open-source software, numerous businesses can use it for their ongoing product development.

Although Blockchain 4.0 is just usual crypto bro nonsense, this is most likely the platform used by US Business World LLC to produce its shitcoins.

Looking ahead, US Business World LLC will continue to be promoted throughout India:

According to Alexa rankings, the volume of visits to the US Business World LLC website decreased in 2021.

An MLM Ponzi scam is effectively dead if its website rank is now over 6 million.

US Business World LLC is on the verge of failure, barring the discovery of fresh, credulous investors willing to purchase Voz Coin bags.

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