Beware of GSPartners – Review Part 4

A clipart NFT collection is GSPartners’ most recent ploy to pique interest in their Lydian World Ponzi environment.

The collection, dubbed “Lydian Lion,” is typical of low-effort NFT cash grabs.

Such collections begin with a fundamental template, in this example a picture of a standing lion leaning slightly to the right.

You then make a lot of varied layers. Typically, these include clothing, jewelry, hairstyles, facial traits, and expressions.

You may build an “exclusive” NFT collection by entering them into a bot and setting the color scheme.

If you’re feeling extremely hungry, you might construct two “exclusive” NFT collections by applying a mirror algorithm to the photos.

Lydian Lions by GSPartners is one such “exclusive” assortment. Many of these low-effort frauds are competing, even in the strong NFT sector.

Lydian Lion’s connection to GSPartners serves as its primary marketing leverage.

Affiliates of GSPartners give money to mint (create) a Lydian Lion NFT, such as bitcoin, Ethereum, tether, or G999.

In other words, GSPartners affiliates burn G999 or pay owner Josip Heit bitcoin, in return for pre-made clipart

That “NFT” is a link that points to a copy of the pre-made Lydian Lion clipart that is most likely hosted on a GSPartners domain.

In addition to the fact that the clipart is essentially worthless, the NFT also loses value when GSPartners finally fails and disables the domain the NFT link connects to.

That will be a future issue. Right now, all it is is hype, thus we ask that you purchase our NFTs.

While some early March/April 2021 NFT purchases were lawful, “open” NFTs are now exploited for money laundering. analogous to what takes on in the domain of physical art.

You make or acquire some arbitrary NFT, “sell” it to someone for a ridiculous sum of money, and, at least on the surface, it seems like you were a party to a legal transaction.

Wash trading is another thing you’ll observe. That is the coordinated trading of NFTs used to raise their price.

Once an NFT has a sufficiently exaggerated transaction history, it is subsequently transferred to a duplicitous sucker. Said sap intends to resell the NFT to a third party for a higher price.

This may occur, depending on how many gullible saps are available right now. Alternately, they’re left with a useless NFT (this is the typical outcome).

In one form, insiders exchange NFTs before selling them to a third party at a “discount.” Otherwise, the play is the same.

Naturally, all of this is feasible with GSPartners. However, manipulation is less possible because the collection is closed (Lydian Lions are connected to GSPartners).

This is bad news for GSPartners affiliates since they no longer even have the appearance of being desirable.

For a price ranging from 28 to 888 USDT per, Lydian Lions are being sold to GSPartners affiliates (and equivalents in supported cryptocurrencies).

Affiliates were asked to buy Lydian Lions with G999 in GSPartners marketing presentations that surfaced in late November.

The speakers say that because spent G999 is destroyed, this will increase the price of G999 (taken out of circulation).

That hasn’t worked during the previous month:

It’s important to note that the public value chart for G999 is everything but natural. G999’s value oscillates up and down within a fictitiously defined range.

This is a clear sign of deception.

In related news, GSPartners just started charging an affiliate membership fee every month.

Affiliate membership cost $99 yearly plus a G999 investment when BehindMLM evaluated GSPartners in February 2021.

GSPartners affiliate membership now costs $33 per month in USDT. This amounts to a 400% rise annually.

Strangely, G999 is not accepted by GSPartners as payment for affiliate membership.

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