Beware of BitClub – Review

Joby Weeks, a defendant for BitClub Network, asked for some “alone time” with his wife Stephanie earlier this month.

He did not achieve his goals.

On December 9, an attorney letter was submitted on Weeks’ behalf.

We sincerely request that the bail terms for (Weeks) be changed so that he may travel inside Colorado during the holiday season and spend time alone with his wife Stephanie at the family property.

Mr. Weeks will always be present with Stephanie Weeks, a third-party caretaker.

Weeks proposed to obtain permission by giving Pretrial services “detailed travel itineraries,” promising to only travel by car, and promising to “continue to wear his GPS device at all times.”

The DOJ opposed the motion, claiming that Weeks was incarcerated in his home.

The bail restrictions issued by the Court state that Mr. Weeks is to stay in home detention at a selected family dwelling, Magistrate Judge Hammer wrote on December 17 in agreement.

Weeks probably felt the verdict embarrassing given his history of raging against the government in his writing.

Weeks’ long-fought-again government is now denying him “alone time” with his wife. Ouch.

In November 2020, Joby Weeks entered a plea of guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy to market and sell unregistered securities.

Weeks’ sentencing is now slated to take place in September 2022 after two extensions.

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