Beware of Hyperverse – Review Part 3

Hyperverse introduced the HVT token after experiencing withdrawal issues with its MOF and HDAO tokens for a month.

Withdrawals of HVT tokens were likewise stopped within 24 hours.

Hyperverse Token is referred to as HVT. The introduction of HVT marks the sixth Ponzi token by parent firm HyperTech, after the launches of HC, HU, MOF, and HDAO.

Affiliates of HyperFund were able to withdraw money through MOF until late November.

MOF was revived as a TRC-20 token after HyperFund’s demise, and the business changed its name to Hyperverse.

Mid-December saw the breakdown of MOF’s TRC-20 relaunch.

As a result, Hyperverse began using HDAO withdrawals. Up until HDAO’s collapse on December 21st, withdrawals were few (the bulk of requests were denied):

Over the following days, Hyperverse continued to attempt to control HDAO withdrawals until giving up and creating HVT.

On December 25th, HVT debuted as a BEP-20 token. These are inexpensive to set up and just take a few minutes.

The “temporary suspension” was announced by Hyperverse a few hours after HVT went live.

Due to the unstable and fluctuating nature of the BSC manner, which causes astronomical reaction time delays and even results in unsuccessful transactions, we would want to temporarily stop the HVT contract, HVT conversion, and HVT withdrawal services.

There are no results from a fast search for “BSC mainnet difficulties” over the last 48 hours.

Instead, a rush of withdrawal requests hit Hyperverse as soon as HVT was launched.

In the same way as how MOF and HDAO withdrawals intermittently fell during December, that caused Hyperverse backend withdrawals to crash.

In other words, you can’t give away what you don’t have, which is why the Hyperverse Ponzi scheme keeps on going.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused, and please be assured that our IT team will make every effort to resolve the problem so that we may restore service by the second part of Christmas day.

hypertech Compliance Officer Hope Hill (real name Ronnie Jull) informed investors that the firm employed “more than 1000 IT specialists” around the time MOF failed.

I’m confident the initial fall of HVT tokens is only transitory. HVT will probably be switched back on as soon as Hyperverse figures out how to appropriately adjust withdrawal rates.

I’m not sure whether HVT withdrawals have been re-enabled as of the time of posting. It hasn’t, as seen by the absence of credulous victims bragging about successful withdrawals.

Who knows how long that will endure till HVT collapses or a new token is released whenever HVT withdrawals are once again authorized?

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