Beware of Market Vision – Review

Information about firm ownership and/or executives is absent from Market Vision’s website.

The domain name “” for Market Vision’s website was originally registered in May 2020. On June 26th, 2022, the private registration was last updated.

An official Market Vision YouTube account is available, and it has several German marketing videos.

It should come as no surprise that all of the Market Vision affiliate marketing I ran upon was also in German.

This implies that whoever is in charge of Market Vision at least has connections to Germany.

12th July 2022 update This unnamed person is shown in a video posted to Market Vision’s official YouTube channel;

The person connects to Market Vision’s website later on in the video as “MarketVision Admin.”

The anonymous person talks in German, in keeping with Market Vision’s apparent links to German.

A WhatsApp number shown in the video description belongs to Austria, says BehindMLM reader Melanie in comment number 14 below (note if you translate the text to English the WhatsApp number disappears). ends updating

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Market Vision

Market Vision claims to provide both retail and affiliate memberships.

Regarding the retail offering, nothing is said. Furthermore, the sign-up page is the same no matter which option you select.

Because of this, I consider Market Vision’s retail offering to be sham compliance.

Access to a trading bot is made possible through associate membership with Market Vision, which promotes “automated trading.”

Plan of Compensation for Market Vision

Affiliates of Market Vision pay €275 per month. They receive commissions when they bring on new hires who follow suit.

Recruiting Commissions Market Vision uses a 37 matrix to give out recruitment commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the top of a 3 by 7 matrix, with three spots immediately behind them.

These places make up the matrix’s initial level. These initial three locations are divided into another three positions each to create the second level of the matrix.

The matrix is constructed from levels three through seven in the same way, with each level containing three times as many spots as the one before it.

As affiliates are added to the matrix, recruitment commissions are paid. Direct and indirect recruiting are how this happens.

The level of the matrix on which a recruited affiliate is put determines the commissions paid per recruited affiliate:

level 1 (3 positions) 11 percent level 2 (9 positions) 10 percent at level 3. (27 positions) Less than 8% level 4 (81 positions) Negative 7% level 5 (243 positions) Less than 6% level 6 (729 positions) Negative 4% level 7 (2187 positions) Negative 2%

There are no details given, but according to Market Vision’s pay literature, three affiliates must be found and kept to earn on each of the seven uni-level team levels.

As long as affiliates who are recruited into the matrix continue to pay their Market Vision membership dues, recruitment commissions are paid on a regular monthly basis.

Participating Market Vision

The monthly cost of a Market Vision associate membership is €275.

Market Vision Summary

A pyramid scheme linked to trading bot securities fraud is called Market Vision.

Trading is done automatically on the FOREX and cryptocurrency marketplaces.

Our tried-and-true program handles the trading for you by gathering data from more than 7000 exchanges.

It’s telling that nothing particular is said regarding Market Vision’s bot.

This is to be anticipated given that the organization is headed by a group of avowed con artists.

From an MLM due diligence standpoint, the following issues raise red flags:

There is no mention of the person in charge of Market Vision.

There is no information supplied regarding the Market Visions trading bot.

Market Vision is engaging in securities fraud since it does not give proof that it has registered with financial regulators, including BaFin in Germany.

The MLM opportunity offered by Market Vision is a pyramid scheme.

The tired adage “your money is in your account” serves as Market Vision’s main selling point. Despite this, “lulz can’t touch our money” plans generally result in one of two outcomes:

either the admins make rigged transactions in their favor and drain accounts, or the trading bot implodes.

This is because although keeping money in an exchange account owned by an affiliate may seem secure, it isn’t true. After all, the affiliate doesn’t have authority over the bot.

Market Vision provides the bot, which can be programmed to perform any task. That includes deliberately altering the bot’s code, which results in the exit-scam instances shown above.

Affiliates in Market Vision’s MLM division pay a total of €3300 in fees per year. They will still lose money to the trading bot in the end.

Market Vision’s elite recruiters and its unknown owners will profit (the owners sit at the top of the company-wide matrix).

But everyone else needs to lose money for it to happen.

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