Beware of OnPassive – Review

A few hundred OnPassive regulars honored Ash Mufareh ending Ofounders signups on June 23rd by joining a Zoom stream.

Mufareh showed up on a follow-up feed the next day. He advised Ofounders to express their gratitude to OnPassive for exceeding expectations.

Then he walked away.

I’m not compressing anything if it sounds like I am. There is hardly anything more to report.

Alanda from The Recovering Hunbot informed me that OnPassive signups were being closed by Mufareh.

The Queen of Spades’ follow-up broadcast was covered by Alanda in a response stream that was posted on June 24.

I have a faint memory of OnPassive’s potential decision to discontinue recruiting happening a few years ago. I did check for it in our comments, but I couldn’t find it. Although it wasn’t discussed in an article, I’m sure it’s there, hidden in the comments.

Anyhow, now that hiring has ended, individuals that paid $97 for a post (or numerous ones) are probably wondering what follows next.

Mufareh’s only advice was to not be concerned.

We’re not leaving; rather, we’re moving forward. We are moving forward and upward.

The founders are not being asked to put in more time or be compensated more.

While OnPassive Ofounders may request a refund (not sure whether it truly works for those who want out), he made it clear that they are not allowed to sell their seats.

OnPassive Ofounders who applied but haven’t paid the sign-up cost are still allowed to do so. Mufareh did state that delinquent accounts will be erased eventually, but she gave no timeframe.

Interestingly, you can still sign up on the Founders website. Oh, right.

OnPassive stated that 1,372,000 Ofounders have signed up as of June 16th. This equates to $133 million at $97 per person.

Ash Mufareh and his Indian crew are the only ones at OnPassive who have made any money after three and a half years.

I’m not too interested in the project right now, except that recording OnPassive’s non-launch. The majority of OnPassive webinar attendees are middle-aged individuals who don’t appear to have a strong technical aptitude.

I don’t intend any of that as a slight; it’s just sort of depressing to see it unfold.

I mean, put Mufareh’s idolatry on hold for a moment, and just consider it. We are nearing the conclusion of what is likely the largest boom that businesses like Zoom have ever known.

Businesses with “me too” cloned Zoom goods ought to have at least shown some growth, don’t you think? Instead, we’ve been doing countless marketing webinars and have had OnPassive spam Dubai for a few days. Oh, and underutilized neighborhood offices.

They would have missed the largest growth in their product area ever if OnPassive wasn’t merely a cruel prank performed on unknowing victims.

You can’t buy anything from OnPassive’s website as of right now. OnPassive marketing seminars are still being streamed on YouTube over Zoom!

How deep down the rabbit hole some of the characters in OnPassive have been taken is simply mind-boggling.

What was the initial OnPassive marketing promise, four years ago—AI that would somehow help you establish a business? Yes, it never actually occurred.

Despite all the talk about AI, Mufareh continued to control every aspect of OnPassive’s Dubai “launch but not really” event from his laptop in April.

Where is it? Why bother with marketing when you can just show off the products? Let buyers buy them. Hell, let Ofounders apply them in practice to demonstrate that this isn’t all just theoretical gibberish.

And by use, I mean put them to use. not some special, orchestrated demonstration.

The “me too” suite from OnPassive is either ready to use or isn’t. And how are none of the Founders aware they have been duped if you are advertising vaporware goods and services on OnPassive’s website that doesn’t truly exist?

Do they even care at this point down the rabbit hole?

I don’t have high hopes for future coverage from the OnPassive team. Mufareh will undoubtedly step up the marketing efforts a little, but I fail to see how the never-ending excitement can continue if no one can join up.

by at least growing the con Ofounders felt that Mufareh was “over-delivering,” or making broken promises, which was a gap in momentum.

What exactly are there now, more interminable webinars to watch? How long till Mufareh’s already worn-out hypnosis of “we’ve got more new things nobody can use just around the corner” runs out?

Ash, you conned your millions. Simply relocate to Dubai and let it die. Or, if you like, stay in the US. So yet, the FTC has not shown any interest.

Do something to end these people’s suffering immediately, whatever you decide to do. Let them go on after accepting the defeat.

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