Beware of ZYIA Active – Review

ZYIA Active is a clothing MLM company that specializes in selling sportswear.

An active lifestyle brand is ZYIA Active. It is a culture that embraces exercise with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy.

Operating in the US, Canada, and Australia are ZYIA Active. On its website, the business doesn’t have a corporate address.

However, the terms and conditions page for ZYIA Active links to a mailing address in Draper, Utah.

Moving forward Erin and Jeremiah Badley are the co-founders of ZYIA Active.

ZYIA Active’s CEO is Erin Bradley. The board’s chairman is Jeremiah Bradley.

Erin Bradley asserts that she and her husband founded ZYI Active as a result of their

wanted to make something that would inspire women to become active, find more meaning in their lives, and improve their health.

I discovered that being outside with my friends and doing something physical or adventurous—or better yet, both—was one of the greatest ways for me to stay motivated and upbeat.

I became more motivated to engage with my own family as a result. It also helped me be more effective in other aspects of my life, and I saw that I was getting closer to becoming my best self as a result.

My family was able to disconnect from technology and distractions by being active and going outside.

I was unable to determine Erin Bradley’s MLM background previous to joining ZYIA Active.

As the co-CEO of Agel at the time, Jeremiah Bradley was first featured on BehindMLM in 2015.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in international studies, Jeremiah Bradley joined Agel Enterprises right away.

Launched in 2005, Agel. The sale of CVSL occurred in 2013. CVSL changed its name to JRJR33 before collapsing in July 2018 and taking Agel with it.

With ZYIA Active debuting in 2016, it appears Jeremiah Bradley left a few years before JRJR33’s demise (perhaps during Agel’s downturn).

The MLM opportunity offered by ZYIA Active is fully reviewed here.

Products from ZYIA Active

A variety of sportswear for men, women, and children is marketed by ZYIA Active.

Although ZYIA doesn’t mention the location of production, they do list the textiles they utilize.

The majority of textiles used by Zyia have four-way stretch, which helps with comfort, compression, form, and fit.

We also include several additional design elements and technological advancements to deliver the type of comfort that improves performance that professional athlete demands from their apparel.

Our tops’ copper-infused fibers stop odor-causing microorganisms from flourishing.

These clothes prevent odor between washes and are perfect for people who perspire a lot or who must transport their old training clothes in a gym bag.

On ZYIA Active’s website, a comprehensive catalog with retail prices is accessible.

The Compensation Plan of ZYIA Active

Affiliates are paid by ZYIA Active for bringing in retail consumers. If a sales volume goal is reached, there is a retail bonus; however, this also takes into account the affiliate’s order volume.

A uni-level team is responsible for paying residual commissions. Additionally, affiliates that expand their ZYIA Active company are rewarded with rank achievement bonuses.

Active Affiliate Ranks on ZYIA

The compensation structure of ZYIA Active has eleven affiliate tiers.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Representative: register as a ZYIA affiliate, produce 200 PV, and keep it up.

Maintain 200 PV each month, generate 1500 PV total, and produce and maintain 600 first-level GV each month as a junior representative.

Senior Representatives must produce and maintain 300 PV per month, 3000 PV cumulatively, and 2000 GV each month (1200 first-level GV)

Director: Produce and keep up with 500 PV each month, 10,000 PV cumulatively, and 10,000 GV every month (2000 first-level GV)

Senior Director: Uphold 500 PV each month, produce 15,000 PV cumulatively, and uphold 20,000 GV per month (2500 first-level GV)

Executives must produce and maintain 600 PV each month, 20,000 PV cumulatively, and 50,000 GV every month (3000 first-level GV)

ZYIA Executive: Uphold 600 PV each month, produce 25,000 in cumulative PV, and uphold 100,000 GV every month (3500 first-level GV)

Double ZYIA Executive: Uphold 600 PV each month, produce 30,000 in cumulative PV, and uphold 250,000 GV every month (4000 first-level GV)

ZYIA Elite: uphold 600 PV every month, produce 40,000 in cumulative PV, and produce and uphold 500,000 GV per month (3500 first-level GV)

Maintain 600 PV every month, produce 75,000 PV cumulatively, and produce and maintain 1,000,000 GV each month for presidential (10,000 first-level GV)

Maintain 600 PV every month, generate 150,000 in cumulative PV, and produce and maintain 5,000,000 GV per month for ZYIA Presidential (20,000 first-level GV)

Personal Volume is abbreviated as PV. Sales volume produced through retail transactions and an affiliate’s purchases are referred to as personal volume.

Group Volume is the acronym for GV. PV produced by an affiliate and their downline is referred to as group volume.

First-level GV is only GV produced by affiliates who were directly recruited (not the whole downline).

Retail Commissions ZYIA affiliates receive a 20–25% retail fee on purchases made by retail clients.

Senior Director representatives are paid a 20 percent retail commission rate.

Executives and above are paid a retail commission rate of 25%.

It should be noted that if a ZYIA affiliate creates 1000 PV in a month (PV includes an affiliate’s purchases), they will receive an 8 percent incentive for that month.

ZYIA Active uses a uni-level compensation system to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Payable uni-level team levels in ZYIA Active are capped at 10.

Rank determines how many tiers a ZYIA Active affiliate receives residual commissions on:

MLM reps are not compensated with commissions.

Junior Representatives receive 5% of level 1 commission (personally recruited affiliates)

Senior Representatives are compensated at levels 1 and 2, respectively, at 5% and 2%.

The pay for directors is 5% on level 1, 3% on level 2, 1% on level 3, and 0.5 percent on levels 4 and 5.

Senior Directors make 6% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and 1% on levels 4 through 7.

Executives get salaries of 8% on level 1, 4% on level 2, 1.5% on level 3, and 1% on levels 4 to 9.

ZYIA executives get salaries starting at 8% on level 1, 4% on level 2, 1.5% on levels 3 to 5, 2% on levels 6 and 7, and 1% on levels 8 and 9.

Double ZYIA executives are paid 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 2% on levels 3 through 9, and 1% on level 10.

ZYIA Elites make 11% on level one, 5% on level two, 2% on level three, 2.5% on levels four and five, 3% on levels six and seven, and 2% on levels eight through ten.

Earnings for presidential positions are 11% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 2% on level 3, 3% on levels 4 through 9, and 2% on level 10.

ZYIA Presidentials earn 11% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 3% on levels 3 through 5, 4% on levels 6 through 7, and 3% on levels 8 through 10.

Bonus for Rank Achievement

The following one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses are given to affiliates that qualify as Junior Representative and above by ZYIA Active:

within three months of signing up, earn $50 by qualifying as a Junior Representative, $75 by qualifying as a Senior Representative, $200 by qualifying as a Director, $100 by qualifying as a Senior Director, and $200 by qualifying as an Executive, $500 by qualifying as a ZYIA Executive, $1000 by qualifying as a Double ZYIA Executive, $5000 by qualifying as a ZYIA Elite, $10,000 by qualifying as a ZYIA Presidential, $12,000 by qualifying as a ZYIA Presidential

A “Starter Kit” appears to be required for ZYIA Active affiliate membership.

This is from the support FAQ for ZYIA Active;

The Starter Kit costs $295 (with a $100 gift voucher) and doesn’t change in price based on the five products it contains.

Our beginning package typically contains five things. These things may be a cap, some joggers, a bra, a tank top, and some leggings.

ZYIA Active Finale

Although I can’t comment on the clothes for ladies, ZYIA Active has a comprehensive men’s line that covers all the basics.

The cost is a little excessive. You would assume that ZYIA Active’s apparel will be in line with the premium price you are paying because they charge one.

The fit, durability, and moisture wicking are important considerations. Unfortunately, items cannot be measured before purchasing other than for fit.

Zyia Active claims to check the boxes on their end;

Zyia sells well-fitting, long-lasting clothing that is perfect for jogging up mountains, doing yoga at the gym, or just running errands with the kids.

As someone who keeps a few hundred dollars worth of activewear in rotation, I believe it is wise to test-buy any new brand. After a few sessions, assess how the item is holding up.

The understated branding of ZYIA Active was one item I liked. Nothing is worse than working out while wearing clothing from a billboard.

Erin Bradley appears to be the one that is leading the firm out of the two. She took Jeremiah along for the voyage after Agel. I thought that was the case, at least.

Jeremiah Bradley undoubtedly has the expertise, and ZYIA Active is likely nearing its sixth year of operation as a result.

If the corporate biographies for Bradley are any indication, both appear to lead active lifestyles and are probably aware of what to seek in their gear, much like anybody who has established an exercise wardrobe.

In a sense, they talk the talk and walk the walk.

The most obvious shortcoming in the compensation scheme is ZYIA Active’s lack of retail volume requirements.

The high’ish PV needs of ZYIA Active partially counteract this. The starting point is 200 PV. When you qualify through self-purchase but don’t generate sales, that becomes quite costly.

Particularly considering that garments aren’t immediately consumed. On the other hand, garage fulls of inventory loading are still a thing, particularly when it comes to apparel (MLM thrift shop dumps are easy to discover on social media).

Given that ZYIA Active’s beginning PV requirement is 200, I think it is appropriate to demand 100 PV of that to be retail. With higher levels, this scales up to a maximum of 600 PV at Executive.

Surely asking for 300 PV in monthly retail sales out of the necessary 600 PV is not too much to ask? Anyone at Executive should ideally be generating more than 300 PV each month in retail sales anyhow as there are a lot of clothes to otherwise stockpile.

The good news is that there are no gray areas with these PV numbers. As a prospective ZYIA Active affiliate, you should find out what rank your potential upline holds.

Ask to see documentation of retail sales and inquire about the PV requirements for that position. Keep in mind that a business opportunity is being sold to you. You don’t have to be aware of the income of your potential upline, but you shouldn’t hesitate to demonstrate retail sales.

The ZYIA Active compensation plan’s biggest flaw is that it allows people to sign up, make a monthly purchase commitment, and then earn money by referring others to make the same commitment.

Even if they do end up giving away the enormous quantity of clothing that would accumulate each month, ZYIA Active would still be running a pyramid scam.

It seems a little odd to concentrate on recruiting rather than retail, but I feel compelled to bring it up. Additionally, it is something that ZYIA Active can avoid. Maybe they’ll talk about this later.

If everything else fails, try buying some ZYIA Active gear as a test. After a few weeks and wash cycles, if you still feel the business is a good fit for you, do your due research on the upline and go on.

Good fortune!

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