Beware of COTP Safe Miner – Review Part 2

Reload Ponzis are being used to prey on COTP Ponzi victims.

A new website called COTP Safer Miner has appeared at “”

On May 24, 2022, a private registration for the domain was made. It looks that COTP Safe Miner began operating on or about June 9.

A straightforward smart-contact Ponzi scam offering 3.3 percent per day is called COTP Safer Miner.

Referral commissions, which pay out 12% on USDT invested by personally recruited affiliates, are not MLM-related.

Through a dubious Telegram group, COTP Safer Miner is being operated.

Scammers operating the organization claim they are “not linked with the original COTP platform,” even though they are targeting COTP victims.

A “click a button” software Ponzi scam called COTP first came to light in approximately February.

COTP fell apart in May, and it’s thought that fraudsters working out of Asia were responsible.

It is ultimately irrelevant whether COTP Safer Miner is connected to COTP or not. Ponzi schemes, in which the majority of participants are guaranteed to lose money, are the basis of both frauds.

Update: COTP Safe Miner has been abandoned as of June 20, 2022.

The Ponzi scam has been restarted under the name Trust Miner.

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