Beware of Perfectly Posh – Review

The MLM businesses Perfectly Posh and Innov8ive Nutrition of LaCore Enterprises have amalgamated.

According to a recent message distributed to distributors, Perfectly Posh’s “Home Office” suggested;

We are writing to let you know that Innov8tive Nutrition Inc. has purchased Perfectly Posh, effective right away.

This brand-new, incredible supplement firm, in our opinion, is complementing Posh’s offerings and your target market.

I’m not clear why LaCore Enterprises is trying to hide the fact that they control both businesses. They didn’t sell Perfectly Posh to themselves, after all.

Innov8tive Nutrition was introduced by LaCore Enterprises in 2016; it was new. An MLM business with a six-year history is hardly “fresh.”

Following that, Perfectly Posh apologized for “a lot of uncertainty this last week.”

According to Head Office, the logistics for Perfectly Posh will now be managed by the Texas headquarters of LaCore Enterprises.

We regret the inconvenience and the breakdown in communication. To get things fixed, we were hard working behind the scenes.

To ensure that you and your customers receive their things as soon as possible, we ask that you kindly exercise patience as we work from our most distant date to the most recent.

Sounds more like a collapse than a merger inside. Perhaps it explains the gaslighting.

We want to finish integrating two systems by the middle of the month.

You will then have a new back office that is run by Innov8tive.

We are eager to propel both businesses into the future alongside our new owners, Dave and Barb Pitcock and Ken and Heidi Whitehair.

We shall be known going forward as Posh Empowered by Innov8tive.

More gaslighting, once more. Innov8tive Nutrition is owned by LaCore Enterprises.

I’m not sure why Terry LaCore has a problem admitting he owns MLM businesses.

In any case, neither the Perfectly Posh website nor its social media accounts have made the merger’s public announcement as of yet.

It appears that no one from Perfectly Posh corporate is prepared to endorse the business.

Recently, Innov8tive Nutrition announced the merger on their official Facebook page:

Innov8tive Nutrition lately found itself in a contentious situation with their patch products.

Youngevity claims in a lawsuit filed on May 19 that the patches made by Innov8tive Nutrition lack the substances mentioned on the label.

The vitamins and nutrients that are supposed to be in the Innov8tive patch products are not all (or even all of them) present, and they are not absorbed through the skin as advertised.

Neither Innov8tive Nutrition nor LaCore Enterprises have addressed the accusations in the media.

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