Beware of DF Finance – Review

There was a collapse in the DF Finance “click-a-button” Ponzi.

DF Finance was evaluated on BehindMLM on May 28th, the same day that affiliates began reporting difficulties withdrawing money.

After the withdrawals were disabled, DF Finance declared that they will be upgrading their servers. There were supposed to be no more of those at the end of the day.

The website’s SSL certificate was disabled and the site was taken offline as a result.

There are several “click a button” software Ponzi schemes out there, like DF Finance.

BehindMLM has recorded the following thus far:

COTP — a fraudulent trading platform that purported affiliates clicked a button that produced trading activity – was shut down in May 2022.

App-based Ponzi EthTRX does not have the daily task component.

To target Indonesia, Yu Klik pretends that hitting a button produces trade activity

Aimed at South Africa and India and crashed in early June 2022 under the guise of pretending that clicking a button generated crypto mining cash.

Social media manipulation (e.g. “like” buttons on YouTube) is the primary goal of the “easy task” 888 programs.

More scammers are out there than I have time to investigate right now.

App-based task Ponzis appear to have been developed by the same crooks.

I believe the organization is based in China or Singapore, based on the usage of simplified Chinese.

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