Beware of Rodan + Fields – Review

A class-action lawsuit brought against Rodan + Fields over a component in their Lash Boost product has been settled.

In this case, the active component is isopropyl cloprostenate, which is used to treat glaucoma and has the potential to cause serious adverse effects.

A class-action lawsuit against Rodan + Fields in 2018 by plaintiffs Barbara Lewis, Akemi Buckingham, Elaina Hufnagel, and Teresa Gattuso.

The four plaintiffs claimed the following in their complaint:

Even though Lash Boost has been available since 2016, Rodan + Fields has failed to provide customers with enough information regarding the potential risks and adverse effects of a substance in the product known as isopropyl cloprostenate.

It’s a synthetic prostaglandin analog known as isopropyl cloprostenate (ICP). Patients with ocular hypertension who have increased ocular pressure can benefit from the use of prostaglandin analogs in their glaucoma treatment.

Even though prostaglandin analogs have “possibly sight-threatening adverse effects,” such as:

eye cysts; b. cystoid macular edema (which can cause vision loss and distortion);

C. uveitis (inflammation or damage to an eye’s cornea)

herpes simplex infection reactivation (inflammation and possible scarring of the cornea).

The following are some possible adverse effects:

Eyelid drooping (upper lid ptosis) is caused by shrinkage of the fat cells around the eye (periorbital fat atrophy).

The significance of lid vessels has risen.

skin pigmentation of the lower eyelids and under eyes;

in the case of the iris, this means that the color of the eyes can be altered.

Eye irritation, discomfort, or crusting of the eyelids are all indications of e.

Extension of eyelashes, type f

Lash Boost contains isopropyl cloprostenate, which, as an “eyelash booster,” probably refers to the “lengthening of eyelashes.”.

To support their claims, the Plaintiffs point out that the FDA sent a letter warning another cosmetics company in 2011 about the dangers of using isopropyl cloprostenol.

Rodan + Fields sells Lash Boost as a cosmetic instead of submitting it to the FDA for approval and disclosing all of the potential negative effects of prostaglandin analogs.

Plaintiffs alleged that their use of Lash Boost resulted in

In other words, customers… Eyelid drooping, itchy eyes, darkening of eyelids and iris, thinning and loss of eyelashes/eyelash thinning, and vision impairment have been reported as major adverse effects.

Forcing customers to take the risk of using Lash Boost, Rodan + Fields engaged in deceptive, unfair, and illegal marketing practices by not communicating the potentially hazardous side effects and hazards connected with the product.

Plaintiffs in the Rodan + Field class action claim that Rodan + Field was “the best selling skincare brand in 2016,” with revenues exceeding “$1 billion.”

aims to repay customers who paid $150 for a tube of Lash Boost.

Intriguingly, the claimants mention a class action as well.

does not assert that FDA regulation of Lash Boost is required or should have been required.

There is no doubt in my mind that the FDA has authority over Rodan + Fields for neglecting to disclose probable negative side effects. Or maybe the FTC should get involved.

To put it another way: Considering the nature of the allegations, this is an unusual remark to be made.

It was only now that I became aware of a class-action lawsuit against Rodan + Fields that was filed in April 2018.

Looking over the docket, it appears that the case went on for another four years. Early on, it was consolidated with two additional class actions that had a connection to the case.

At some point, Rodan + Fields may have achieved separate settlements with some of the Plaintiffs.

A “Proposed Order Regarding Settlement” was submitted in June of that year. On September 28th, 2021, a formal settlement agreement was made between the parties.

Plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit submitted a request to dismiss the case on April 7, 2022, putting an end to the litigation.

Rodan + Fields consented to the terms of the settlement while insisting they’d done nothing wrong.

Add a list of possible negative effects that some [Lash Boost] consumers have said the product has caused to its label and directions for usage.

R+F has agreed to offer more detailed warnings on how to use the product and to update the materials it uses to educate R+F Independent Consultants and market the product on its website.

The agreement’s financial component might reach $38 million.

Settlement payments of $30 million are included in this total. Eight million dollars are left over as a credit for Rodan + Fields products.

Anyone who buys Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields between October 1, 2016, and March 11, 2022, is considered a Certified Class Member.

A Rodan + Fields product credit voucher or a cash payout can be requested on a claim form by class members.

It was mandated by a court decree;

Cash benefits are limited to $175, while credit benefits are capped at $250.

The “Credit Repeat Purchaser Benefit” or the “Cash Repeat Purchaser Benefit” is available to Settlement Class Members who provide proof of purchase showing that they have purchased Lash Boost more than once, up to a maximum benefit of $250 in credit or $175 in cash, for a maximum benefit of $500 in credit or $350 in cash.

If you purchased one bottle of Lash Boost, you will receive $250 in credit or $175 in cash. If you purchased more than one bottle, you will receive $500 in credit or $350 in cash.

There is a $38 million settlement fund, but not all of it is going to Class Members.

The following items have been deducted from the $30 million component:

Costs of settlement administration (estimated at $425,608)

a maximum of $15.4 million in legal expenses

The total amount awarded to the 11 Class Representatives is $165,000 in service awards.

Cash claims will be reduced if there isn’t enough left to cover them.

There is an option to not join a class. Those who choose to remain in the class may do so until the 14th of July.

Class members have until September 7th, 2022, to file their claim forms. You can register a claim by clicking the blue “start your claim” button on the right side of the page, which is reserved for Class Members.

Any questions Class Members may have can be answered in the Settlement Notice. Contact information for the Settlement Administrator and/or Class Counsel is also supplied if they are needed.

Please be aware of this We are not able to give individualized legal advice through BehindMLM.

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