Beware of QNet – Review

Scammers who used a terrible deception to swindle relatives out of money have been sentenced in Ghana.

In Ghana, Etornam Dzenu, Stephen Savor, Justice Noamesi, and Isabella Bekinane are all QNet promoters.

By News Ghana’s account the prosecutor’s office stated this;

Isabella moved from Accra to Adweso in Koforidua around eight months ago in quest of a career.

There, Isabella met Dzenu, who introduced her to QNet. They began dating.

As a network marketer for Q-Net Limited, Isabella met Dzenu, Savor, and Noamesi.

The QNet pyramid scam is illegal. Participants who have been attracted to the scam are required to pay a fee to stay in it. Promoter money is earned through QNet.

Isabella quickly ran out of money.

Isabella needed money to start a network marketing firm with a partner, so she devised a scheme to trick her father into handing her cash by pretending to be kidnapped.

Dzenu was subsequently notified of the incident by Isabella. This information was passed forward by Dzenu to Isabella’s friends, the Savor and the Noamesi.

Isabella’s parents were informed that she was traveling to Accra by all of the accused.

As of July 4th, Isabella contacted her sister to inform her that she was leaving for Accra to “search for a job” and “make some money”. Isabella then slid her phone to the side and pressed the power button.

Her sister kept trying to get in touch with her throughout the week but to no avail.

With Naomi’s help, Isabella’s family was contacted by the kidnapping hoax on July 11th.

The kidnappers have abducted Isabella. The family should deposit a ransom of GHS8,000 to Isabella’s Momo account. They are giving the family 48 hours.” Naomi called her sister using Isabella’s phone.

The current price of the GHS 8000 is around USD 900.

Isabella’s phone was turned off once more after we made contact.

The Missing person Unit received a report from Isabella’s sister and brother on July 12th.

The next day, according to the prosecution, Dzenu used Isabella’s phone to send an SMS message to Eunice reminding her that “their time is short,” adding that if the family has not heard from them within 48 hours, they will chop off Isabella’s arms.

Sister Isabella sought a photo of her sister as proof that she was alive.

In an unfinished classroom, Isabella was tied up by Dzenu, Savor, and Noamesi, who snapped a picture of her with scribbled dated notes (July 13, 2022).

Dozens sent a picture of Isabella to Isabella’s WhatsApp account as she had asked.

Isabella’s sister phoned Dzenu after learning that her sister was seeing Dzenu.

Isabella had told him she was traveling to Accra, and he hadn’t heard from her since she’d left, he said to her.

Isabella was found at the residence of Stephen Savor on July 18th, after a lengthy investigation and search.

The alleged perpetrators described their participation in the investigation to the police.

Conspiracy to commit a crime and deceiving under pretenses were alleged charges against the four defendants.

All four of the suspects admitted guilt. These three men were condemned to a total of 48 months in jail only last week.

Until a pregnancy test is completed, Isabella’s sentencing has been put on hold. Dzenu may or may not be the father of the child.

For years, QNet advertising in Ghana has been plagued with kidnappings, genuine kidnappings, and immigration fraud.

Government officials are alleged to have thwarted local authorities’ efforts to get QNet outlawed across the country.

‘Glad to have QNET in Ghana for the long haul,’ said Joe Tackie, Director-General of the Ministry of Business Development, in March 2021.

QNet, on the other hand, keeps a blind eye on Ghanaian fraud. If money is flowing into the firm, executives aren’t concerned.

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