Beware of Traffic Monsoon – Review Part 2

The Traffic Monsoon Ponzi scam has been revived.

Scammers are taking advantage of the bitcoin market in an attempt to swindle fresh victims.

A.COM domain was used for the original Traffic Monsoon, whereas “” was used for the 2022 edition.

On the 6th of June 2022, private registration was made for the.NET domain.

HTML Codex provided a freemium template for the new Traffic Monsoon site:

For investors, the Ponzi model is simple: They pay one dollar for an adpack, which is equal to 1300 shares; the daily profits are determined by how many shares an affiliate has invested.

in 1300 to 3000 shares, you’ll get 10 cents a day, while in 3001 to 12,000 shares, you’ll get 25 cents a day. If you’re in the 93,151 to 517,500 range, you’ll get $1 a day. If you’re in the 2,794,501 to 38,000,000 range, you’ll get $75 a day. If you’re in the 17,365,000 to 38,000,000 range, you’ll get $135.50 a day.

To qualify for a reward, investors must click on adverts every day. Affiliates who have been personally recruited are given a commission of 21% on the money they invest in their affiliates’ campaigns.

Like the original Traffic Monsoon, the remake isn’t a multi-level marketing company.

The remake of Traffic Monsoon, in contrast to the original, asks for investments in USD and a variety of cryptocurrencies, rather than just one.

An initial 207 million dollar Ponzi scam called Traffic Monsoon was shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016.

Charles Scoville, the inventor of Traffic Monsoon, is currently serving a jail sentence for attempted child sex assault. Wire and tax fraud charges have also been filed against him.

It’s quite improbable that Scoville is behind the new Traffic Monsoon, as his life appears to be in shambles.

On Traffic Monsoon’s website, a random Dutch home address is supplied. This seemed to have no significance to me.

Considering the low-effort character of Traffic Monsoon’s revival, it’s probably simply an opportunistic random wanting to make a fast profit.”

Traffic Monsoon’s shadowy Telegram channel is being used to coordinate the Ponzi scam.

Telegram has come to be associated with internet scams.

However, we’ll keep you informed of any important developments in this matter.

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