Beware of Cryptexify – Review

Cryptexify’s website makes no mention of the company’s ownership or management.

The domain name “” for the Cryptexify website was originally registered in May of that year. On June 21st, 2022, the private registration was last updated.

As a way to look more respectable, Cryptexify gives company addresses in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States.

Incorporation certificates for numerous shell corporations are now available in Nigeria.

These addresses and incorporations have no bearing on MLM due diligence.

In September 2021, Cryptexify’s official Facebook page was launched. Cryptexify’s Facebook profile is administered from India, unlike any of the countries listed above.

In August of 2021, Cryptexify posted the first five videos on its YouTube account. These were your normal 15- to 30-second stock film marketing fluff.

Cryptexify took the Boris CEO route on March 26th, 2022:

Boris “Tour Guide” rather than Boris CEO? Sandra Davis” shows us through the typical rental office setting.

There we meet “Zane Hayden,” the real-life Boris CEO of Cryptexify:

I’m not sure what I’ll call you. As an actor, Hayden is based in the former Soviet Union. An advertisement for the Georgia-based firm Jaoken featured him most recently.

Georgia has a border with Russia, which is where the majority of Boris CEO videos are shot.

There are only two ways to determine who owns Cryptexify:

Russian fraudsters may control Cryptexify, while Indian scammers paid Russians to produce the Boris CEO video or vice versa.

Don’t join or send over any money to an MLM firm unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it.

Products of Cryptexify

Products and services offered by Cryptexify are not for sale.

Members of the Cryptexify affiliate network can only promote their Cryptexify subscription.

Compensation Structure at Cryptexify

Cryptocurrency is invested by Cryptexify affiliates in the hope of earning the claimed Monday-Friday returns:

Invest $30 to $25,000 and collect 2% every day for 100 days as part of the Bronze level.

To get 3% a day for 100 days, you must invest between $25,500 and $60,000.

In gold, you may earn 4% every day for 100 days if you invest between $65,500 and $150,000.

All withdrawals from Cryptexify are subject to a 10% fee.

Cryptexify’s MLM division provides commissions for bringing in new affiliate investors.

Commissions for referrals

Personal referral commissions are paid to Cryptexify affiliates who bring in new members.

Referral commissions are based on the amount of money an affiliate has put in Cryptexify.

Members of the third tier of affiliate programs are compensated with a 7% referral fee.

Affiliates in the Silver tier receive an 8% commission on referrals.

A 10% referral commission is paid to affiliates in the gold tier.

Recurring Payments

Cryptexify uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

There are two sides (the left and right) to any binary team, and each side has its payment scheme.


In the binary team, there are two slots at the top level. To create a second level of the binary team, each of the original two positions is divided into two additional positions (4 positions).

Each successive level of the binary team has twice as many positions as the previous level, so that the team may grow at a steady pace.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruiting is used to fill positions in the binary team. Observe that a binary team can grow infinitely deep.

Cryptexify keeps track of the new investment volume on both sides of the binary team after each day.

There is a 10% residual commission for the weaker binary team side.

Residual commissions for affiliates in the Bronze tier are restricted to $3000 per day.

Affiliates in the silver tier are limited to $6500 per day in residual commissions.

Recurring commissions for gold-tier affiliates are limited to $15,000 a day.

It is flushed after residual commissions have been paid for the weaker binary team side.

The stronger binary team’s volume carries over to the weaker one.

Become a Cryptexify member

Cryptexify’s affiliate program is completely free.

A least $30 commitment is required to participate in the associated income opportunity.

To raise funds, Cryptexify promotes cryptocurrency investments.

Cryptify the Ending

“Cryptocurrency and FX trading” is how Cryptexify promises to create external money.

MLM Ponzi schemes rely on these tropes as their primary gimmick.

To pay withdrawals, Cryptexify provides no evidence of trading or any other external source of money.

There is now just one source of revenue for Cryptexify, and that is a new investment.

When additional money is sent into Cryptexify, the company is operating under the Ponzi scheme. Boris’s CEO setup and anonymous ownership of Cryptexify are consistent.

In all MLM Ponzi schemes, affiliate recruitment and fresh investment will dry up after the plan runs its course.

This will lead to Cryptexify’s demise as a result of a lack of ROI income.

The mathematics of Ponzi schemes ensures that the majority of participants lose money when they fail.

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