Beware of Swapnex & COTP – Review

Swapnex’s fraudsters have abandoned up after waiting for the “number to go up” for four days.

Because I don’t know why, but they’re also blaming COTP.

Earlier today, Swapnex informed investors that daily return computations were being disabled.

Unfortunately, both manual and automated trading will be unable to take new orders for the time being. In the meanwhile, payments for all prior orders have been halted.

Seeing how withdrawals were restricted earlier this week, was a symbolic gesture.

Swapna yanked the plug about an hour ago on whatever exit scam they were doing under the scenes.

Greetings to all of our customers!

When we requested a refund from our largest broker, they refused.

The Swapnex website is also frequently targeted by this broker in DDoS assaults. It’s a COTPS business. We’ve been able to keep track of all of our orders and payments using it.

The fact that we are not a traditional arbitrage platform is well-known. We’re only a middleman between you and the rest of the world.

According to our terms and conditions, we are not liable for any losses or risks incurred as a result of trading in cryptocurrencies.

The COTPS is now responsible for all of your debts, and our website is now inactive.

Broker lore is just nonsense. An exit scam cliché is DDOS. The exit scam appears to include placing the blame on COTP.

One of Boris Berezovsky’s Russian-run Ponzi schemes was Swapnex. It is an Asia-based Ponzi scheme.

Swapna and COTP may not be managed by the same crooks, although it is highly improbable.

In the rest of Swapnex’s message, he expresses his sincere apologies. All “how can I get my money back?” comments will be classed as spam, just in case anyone forgot.

Metafi Yielders and COTP are the only two of the MLM crypto Ponzi schemes that were operating before the recent coin meltdown.

Withdrawals were disabled by Metafi Yielders a day earlier. However, I haven’t seen any evidence that they’ve reopened.

Metafi Yielders, on the other hand, has put in place withdrawal limits that will last until the middle of June.

Coupling the old “SMS verification issues” with the new “TRON blockchain” blame game, COTP is once again attempting to shift the responsibility.

There has been no official confirmation from COTP that their technical difficulties were resolved yesterday.

The Swapnex website and social media accounts were still active at the time of publishing. Over the next 24 hours, we expect them to vanish.

20th of May, 2022 – New information. Redirecting their website domain to COTP’s website is Swapnex.

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