Beware of Metafi Yielders – Review Part 4

Ponzi scam Metafi Yielders is failing.

Metafi Yielders, like other MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, has instituted withdrawal limits in an attempt to delay the ultimate collapse of the scheme.

According to today’s statement from Accomplice CEO Michael Daher;

To ensure the Project’s long-term viability, adjustments will need to be made over the next two to three weeks until software earnings cover the shortfall caused by the market slump.

The “changes” to which Daher alludes make it more difficult for affiliates of Metafi Yielders to access invested funds:

Daher warns that until June 15th, investors will only be able to make two withdrawals per day, each of which will be restricted at $4,000. Additionally, withdrawals will now be manually authorized, requiring a wait time of 24 to 48 hours.

Like other current MLM crypto Ponzi schemes, Metafi Yielders is betting that the cryptocurrency market will recover to its previous levels before last week’s drop.

However, unlike regular investors, they are in a race against the clock since they must manage a Ponzi scheme. Regular investors probably won’t be deterred by a daily fee of $4000, but the recruiters and those with greater back-office accounts will be.

At least for the time being. If “the market” doesn’t improve by June 15th, you may count on an exit fraud.

The June 15th deadline may potentially be moot if investors generally have faith in MLM Ponzi schemes. Not having fresh idiots invest in the cryptocurrency market means the recovery will be meaningless.

On May 18, 2022, Metafi Yielders stopped allowing any withdrawals.

The firm has said that it would be “upgrading servers” until May 23.

The 20th of May, 2022 marks the end of the Metafi Yielders’ phony chronology of excuses.

According to reports, withdrawals were enabled again on May 19th, with the same daily limit of $4000.

Last news for May 24: Metafi Yielders has gone bankrupt.

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