Beware of Prizm & Roy Club – Review

The Prizm and Roy Club Ponzi scams operated by Aleksey Muratov have failed.

The Prizm and Roy Club websites have both been taken down. Muratov’s “Prizm Space” scheme is just another way to scam PRIZM backers.

The domain name originally used by the Prizm Ponzi scheme (“Prizm. club”) has expired as of this writing.

As far as we can tell from the WHOIS database, the domain name was let go and allowed to expire on or around May 7th.

Roy Club, Muratov’s reimagining of Prizm, is set up to deny admission to any website visitors.

There was the last pump and dump in mid-April that signaled the beginning of Prizm’s demise.

Once fluctuating between $500 and $2 million each day, PZM’s daily faked trade volume is now averaging in the low thousands.

UMI launched its shitcoin at Roy Club. Likely, Roy Club has discreetly abandoned UMI internally because it was never available for public trading.

Muratov seems intent on keeping Prizm’s investors (now PZM bagholders) in the dark about what’s going on with Prizm Space.

I don’t see the point; it would be very difficult for international investors to go after him in Russia.

Russian authorities may find it difficult to take action on the ground if they suspect that Muratov has any links to Donetsk. Currently, Ukraine is not prepared to be enforcing laws against Ponzi schemes.

The number of visitors to Prizm’s first domain name was too little to be analyzed (the domain is disabled in any case).

Prizm Space receives the most traffic from Russia (22%, down 31% month over month), Ukraine (16%, down 14% month over month), Lithuania (15%), Australia (14%), and Kazakhstan (7%), according to SimilarWeb.

Prizm has halted its operations, save for the recruitment of new victims in Lithuania.

The majority of victims of the Roy Club are Argentine (58 percent), followed by Russian (22 percent, down 40 percent month over month), American (9 percent), Belarusian (6 percent), and Ukrainian (3 percent, down 40 percent month over month).

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