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Kristijan Krstic, the alleged mastermind behind a massive Ponzi scheme, has been hit with a Forfeiture Notice.

This new information was included in a second superseding indictment that was submitted on December 28.

If found guilty, Kristijan Krstic (right) and the other defendants included in the Forfeiture Notice will be required to forfeit the following:

apartments in Nis, Serbia (two-family residential structures, a three-room apartment, and an office space), Praia da Luz, Portugal (a two-story home with a patio and pool), and Belgrade, Serbia (a four-room apartment with garage spaces).

The following items: a Ferrari FF, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class 350 BlueTEC, a Porsche Panamera, a Land Rover Range Rover, a pair of ZRK earrings, a Patek Philippe watch, a Fierro R29 watch, an Armani watch, a LEXR watch, a Piaget watch, a Patek Philippe watch, a Just Cavalli watch, a Piaget watch, a Piaget watch,

The Grand Jury has “probable cause” to suspect that the things listed above are “derived from revenues attributable” to Krstic’s Ponzi scheme, as stated in the Superseding Indictment.

To be extradited from Serbia to the United States was a real possibility for Krstic. Serb authorities placed Krstic under house arrest in July pending a decision on his extradition.

The couple, Krstic and his wife, instantly escaped and have not been seen since.

The Department of Justice has not commented on Krstic’s disappearance in any court documents.

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