Beware of Bizzcoin & BizzTrade – Review

BizzTrade said last month that they were out of BizzCoin.

BizzTrade has released BizzCoin Pro to continue swindling investors out of their money.

According to a December email from BizzTrade;

The end of bitcoins is in sight!! That’s right, we’re getting close to running out of our precious BizzCoins.

As a result, BizzTraders and other BizzCoin holders will soon be able to enjoy the fact that the cryptocurrency will no longer be available for purchase on open exchanges.

In the past, when there was just a little amount available and people kept finding new ways to use it, the price went higher.

Given that BizzCoin is worthless outside of BizzTrade’s Ponzi scheme, we’re at a loss to understand the company’s administrators’ claims regarding BizzCoin’s utility.

The “added value” is developing as follows;

However, BizzCoin has become stale. BizzCoin is an ERC-20 coin that can be created in 5 minutes for free, however, BizzCoinPro was released by BizzTrade.

The first setup for BizzCoin Pro, a BEP-20 coin, only took five minutes and required almost no money.

Affiliates of BizzTrade will soon have the option to withdraw their earnings in BizzCoinPro.

So, here we are at BizzTradePro, the third iteration of the defunct BizzTrek Ponzi scheme.

Essentially, BizzTrade has been reborn as BizzTradePro.

On January 1, 2022, BizzCoin and BizzTradePro will be combined into a single platform with a unified login.

Those (investment) packages that haven’t been claimed or moved will be deleted.

A rebranding has resulted in a new corporate name, a new shitcoin, and new users. That’s the theory, anyhow.

By using the ‘claim’ button, BizzTrade contract holders should be able to collect their payments. It’s unclear what, if anything, is being paid out now that BizzCoin is dead.

Rehan Gohar, Rizwan Gohar, and Gurpreet Dhaliwal are the brains behind the successful business ventures BizzTrek, BizzTrade, BizzCoin, BizzTradePro, and BizzCoinPro.

British citizens make up all three of the company’s founders.

According to data gathered from visitors to BizzTrade and BizzTradePro, the majority of victims are located in Nigeria, the United States, and Morocco.

It’s important to note that the majority of BizzTrade and BizzTradePro’s most prominent scammers—early investors and top recruiters—hail from the United Kingdom.

As of the 26th of January, 2022: This story was followed by a review of BizzTrade Pro’s multi-level marketing product by BehindMLM.

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