Beware of EvoRich – Review Part 2

In April, Andrew Khovratov, the company’s founder, was detained in Russia.

Shortly after, Ponzi scheme savior Bob Ultee came to the rescue.

In April and May, this drove participants into Ultee’s bogus bob coin offering.

Ultee, who may have been under the influence of alcohol, crashed his reportedly speeding Lamborghini into a parked Peugeot 107 in mid-May.

In any case, here’s how BOBC is now operating…

For the time being, EvoRich is offering “dramatic changes” to keep the Ponzi scam afloat.

Do you know there’s a method to stop being at the mercy of fate, stop living in a rut, and start making huge strides forward in every area of your life?

The problem, however, is that the vast majority of people have no idea how to tap into this pool of wisdom and, as a result, never enable themselves to live the life they genuinely want.

EvoRich claims to be offering “that knowledge” through the following four building blocks:

Section 1: My Present Situation

We’ll take a close look at where you are now and where you want to be in terms of your resources, relationships, and experiences, as well as the people in your life and the ones who should be.

The first section will force you to take off your rose-colored glasses and see things as they are.

Section 2: What I Believe

We shall challenge self-defeating ideas. Whereas most people will only promise to get rid of them, we will replace them and show you how to do it yourself.

We will also pinpoint the self-defeating beliefs that are holding you back.

The Third Section: My Future Prospects

It is our goal to develop the ability to communicate and cooperate with our more evolved selves. To get acquainted with one’s NEW self is our goal.

We’re going to tap into the full extent of our capabilities, sever ties with any lingering resentment, and charge headlong into the next phase of our evolution.

Fourth Section: My Evolution

It’s a mighty building brick, indeed. Our goals will be revised. Our entire process of change will be examined.

For a brighter future, we will express gratitude, let go, and adopt a new way of thinking.

The sales pitch for EvoRich’s sounds very cool…

Why do you think that is, if at all?

So, you don’t seem to be having much fun, do you?

Are you unsure about yourself and your abilities?

-You don’t value yourself, don’t respect yourself, and don’t trust in yourself?

A lifetime of grudges has weighed you down?

You’re experiencing difficulty communicating with your family, spouse, or kids?

-You can’t seem to sit down and finish what you started?

You don’t have the juice to give it your all and get the results you want?

-You’re always worried and fretting about what the future holds?

You’ve hit a financial brick wall and can’t seem to climb much higher, right?

When it comes to EvoRich, there’s just one way to satisfy the curiosity of all but the most discerning of investors.

“Yes,” she replied, “and the reason I feel this way is because I lost all my money in a Ponzi scam.”

Firstly, you wreck your investors’ finances, and then you try to convince them they weren’t duped by offering them a feel-good rehabilitation program. Brilliant.

For only USD 199, EvoRich will perform a “radical makeover” for you. As EvoRich’s “internal shitcoin,” UNT is dollar-pegged.

Get in soon to receive today’s 101 UNT discount.

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