Beware of Alya Finance- Review

There is no information about who owns or runs Alya Finance on the company’s website.

On December 21, 2021, the domain name “Alya. finance,” which is the address of Alya Finance’s website, was privately registered.

Alya Finance is a sub-scheme of Alyattes, a larger crypto-based Ponzi fraud.

The Alya Finance site doesn’t include any executives, however, Sinan Ay (right) is listed as the company’s CEO on the main Alyattes site.

Ay lists himself as the CEO and CFO of Alyattes on LinkedIn, with a start date of April 2021.

Ay also credits himself as the company’s creator on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

As a representative, Ay now calls Vienna, Austria home, although having originated in Turkey.

It appears that Sinan Ay, through Shohan Bowala, is involved in multi-level marketing crypto Ponzi schemes.

Ay has (openly) advocated for several Ponzi scams, such as Sebtan Assets and Torque Trading.

Australian serial Ponzi scheme promoter Shohan Bowala is, of course, pushing Alyattes and Alya Finance:

Beginning in October of 2021, Ay made public announcements regarding Alyattes and Alya Finance. Before last month, advertising and recruiting were limited to Turkey.

Although most visitors to Alya Finance come from Turkey, the company is rapidly losing its ability to hire new employees.

The name “Alyattes” implies that its headquarters are in Dubai.

The global epicenter of MLM criminality is in Dubai. An obvious red flag for any multi-level marketing organization is if they claim to be headquartered in or have connections to Dubai.

Read on for a detailed analysis of the Alyattes and Alya Finance MLM potential.

Products Offered by Alya Finance

As far as we are aware, Alya Finance does not provide anything for sale to the general public.

Marketers may only promote Alya Finance affiliate membership as a product.

Payment Structure at Alya Finance

The ALYA token is a financial asset invested by Alya Finance subsidiaries. Alya Finance claims this activity is “pool mining,” which generates passive returns for its backers.

Alya Finance requires an investment of at least 100 ALYA to take part in its investment opportunity.

Tokens for the ALYA cryptocurrency are locked for three months after being invested. Each ALYA token investment generates returns for six months.

After 6 months, the user has the option of having their Alya Tokens returned to their account balance or having the mining period extended.

Alya Finance’s multilevel marketing arm offers compensation for bringing in new affiliate investors.

Alya’s referral commissions are paid out via a flat rate system.

Those who choose the unilevel pay system find themselves at the head of a team, with all of the people they’ve personally recruited sitting just below them on the same level.

Any new affiliates recruited by a level 1 affiliate will join that affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Affiliates on level 2 who bring in new members are promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

Payable unilevel team levels are capped as 10 in Alya Finance.

The number of levels in a referral’s unilevel team on which they receive a commission is based on their referral rank.

Rank 1 – join up as an Alya Finance affiliate and deposit 100 ALYA \sRank Second, put in 250 ALYA and get your friends to put in 2000 ALYA to move up in Rank. Rank 3: Put in 500 ALYA and get people to put in another 5,000 Rank 4: Put in 1,000 ALYA and get others to put in 10,000 ALYA Rank 5: Put in $2,000 ALYA and get four other people to put in $40,000 ALYA 6 – invest 2500 ALYA and urge others to contribute 30,000 ALYA \sRank Rank 7: Put in 3,000 ALYA and get others to put in 40,000 ALYA 8 – invest 3500 ALYA and urge others to contribute 60,000 ALYA \sRank 9 – invest 4000 ALYA and urge others to contribute 80,000 ALYA \sRank 10 – invest 5000 ALYA and urge others to contribute 100,000 ALYA

Commissions for referring new ALYA members are distributed according to the following tiered structure, with the highest commissions going to those at the top 10 levels.

Top-tier affiliates (those who have recruited other affiliates) receive a 6% commission on their first level of sales.

Affiliates at the second level make 5% of referrals made from their site’s second level and 6% of referrals made from the site’s

Affiliates at the third level make 4% on all levels below them, compared to 6% on the first and 5% on the second.

Paid at 6% on level 1, 5% on level 2, 4% on level 3, and 3% on level 4, the fourth-tier affiliates earn 3% overall.

Affiliates at the fifth level receive 1% on the first level, 4% on the second, 3% on the third, 4% on the fourth, and 6% on the fifth.

Affiliates at the sixth level make 1% on levels 5 and 6, 4% on levels 3 and 4, and 6% on levels 1 and 2.

Affiliates at the seventh level make 5% on the first level, 4% on the second, 3% on the fourth, 1% on the fifth and sixth, and 0.5% on the seventh.

Affiliates in the 8th level make 5% on the first level, 4% on the second, 3% on the third, 1% on the fifth and sixth, and 0.5% on the seventh and eighth.

The payout structure for affiliates at Rank 9 is as follows: 6% on Level 1, 5% on Level 2, 4% on Level 3, 3% on Level 4, 1% on Levels 5 and 6, and 0.5% on Levels 7 through 9.

Affiliates at the tenth level receive 0.5% on levels 7–10, 1% on levels 5–6, and 6% on levels 1–2.

Professional Incentive

Alya Finance has both Referral Ranks and Career Ranks.

Beginner: Invest 500 ALYA and persuade five others to invest the same amount; Silver: Invest 1,000 ALYA and do the same; Gold: Keep your initial $1,000 ALYA investment and persuade five more people to invest $15,000 ALYA; Platinum: Invest $2,000 ALYA and persuade five more people to invest $25,000 ALYA; Ruby: Invest $2,500 ALYA and persuade five more people to invest $50,000 ALYA; Emerald: Invest $3,000

Diamond To become a Blue Diamond, you must invest 3500 ALYA and recruit and maintain one Emerald and one Ruby or higher ranked affiliate; to become a Black Diamond, you must invest 4000 ALYA and recruit and maintain one Diamond and one Ruby or higher ranked affiliate; to become an Ambassador, you must invest 4500 ALYA and recruit and maintain one Blue Diamond and two Emeralds or higher ranked affiliates; and to become a Black Diamond, you must invest 5,000 ALYA and recruit and maintain two Diamond or higher ranked

With company-wide investments of an undisclosed sum, Alya Finance finances eleven regional World Pools.

As a result of one’s Career Rank, one is allotted a certain number of shares from the World Pools.

Participants in the Alya Finance Starter, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Diamond, Black Diamond, and Ambassador programs each get 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 22%, respectively, of the World Pool.

It appears that joining Alya Finance as an affiliate is cost-free.

You’ll need to put down 500 ALYA to get in on the ground floor of the linked MLM opportunity.

To be eligible for referral commission, you must have invested a minimum of 100 ALYA during the previous six months.

Alya Investments Conclusion

Typical of a Ponzi promoter who figures out the money is in the schemes, Alya Finance is a complete crock. After which they started their Ponzi scheme.

Although they do a good job of selling themselves, Alya Finance is not very useful. ALYA is a worthless BEP-20 token.

Cryptographic BEP-20 Tokens are set up in a matter of minutes for very little money.

An ALYA investment is purchasing tokens, storing them with the firm, and then using those tokens to extract capital at a later date.

Alya Finance gives 30 Rewards Monthly. If the contract’s total incentives are less than 30, AlyaFinance will make up the difference. [sic]

Shohan Bowala is one of the early adopters who got involved with this over a year ago. They need fresh victims to lose money to them before they can pay out, thus the present advertising campaign.

Without a sure, the recent string of Ponzi schemes that have all failed is undoubtedly a factor.

Alya Finance’s multi-level marketing (MLM) arm is a pyramid scam because it offers nothing to retail clients.

Alyattes, a subsidiary of Alya Finance, acts as a marketing holding company.

It looks like a Ponzi scam involving trading bots is on the horizon:

The standard swindle in the metaverse is also present:

When interest in becoming an affiliate wanes, new money stops flowing into the MLM Ponzi scheme, just as it does in every other MLM scam.

As a result, withdrawal requests will be denied by Alya Finance.

Dumping ALYA on public exchanges now makes it easier to pull off a token dump exit scam later.

The pool mining terms and conditions, as well as any referral bonuses or commissions, are entirely at the discretion of the firm offering this service.

By having Alyattes claim it is located in Dubai, Sinan Ay (if he hasn’t already) may dodge regulators and irate investors by simply escaping to that country.

Combine the normal crypto Ponzi business model with serial Ponzi fraudsters in Dubai, and the outcome is predictable.

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