Beware of Digital Ad Pro – Review

Digital Ad Pro’s website is mysteriously silent on the subject of the company’s ownership and management.

On June 24, 2022, the domain name was privately registered and will serve as Digital Ad Pro’s website.

According to data compiled by SimilarWeb, the majority of visitors to the Digital Ad Pro website come from Russia (22%), Ukraine (10%), and Serbia (9%).

Since most of Digital Ad Pro’s visitors come from Russia, it stands to reason that the company has roots in that country.

Never join or provide any money to a multi-level marketing firm that isn’t completely transparent about who owns or runs the business.

the Goods of Digital Ad Pro

There are no consumable goods or services offered by Digital Ad Pro.

Only affiliate membership in Digital Ad Pro can be promoted.

Payment Structure for Digital Ad Experts

Partners of Digital Ad Pro put money up for investment in the hopes of earning commissions.

You may earn 3.2% daily, capped at 120%, for a $2 investment; 4.6% daily, capped at 140%, for a $10 investment; and 5.8% daily, capped at 155%, for a $50 investment.

Affiliates of Digital Ad Pro must view advertisements daily to earn commissions.

There is just one level of remuneration for referrals made with Digital Ad Pro.

Those who choose the unilevel pay system find themselves at the head of a team, with all of the people they’ve personally recruited sitting just below them on the same level.

Any new affiliates recruited by a level 1 affiliate will join that affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Affiliates on level 2 who bring in new members are promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

There is a maximum of five chargeable unilevel team levels in Digital Ad Pro.

Percentage-based referral fees are distributed as follows over the first five tiers of investment:

6% of revenue comes from level 1 (affiliates directly recruited), 4% from level 2, 3% from level 3, 2% from level 4, and 1% from level 5.

You may become a Digital Ad Pro affiliate at no cost to you.

A minimum investment of $5, $10, or $50 is required to participate in the associated income opportunity in its entirety.

Digital Ad Pro accepts USD investments via Payeer and other cryptocurrencies.

Professional Advertising in the Digital Age: A Wrap-Up

Ponzi schemers of the credit kind need not apply, as Digital Ad Pro has been exposed as one.

It’s a Ponzi scam hidden under a veneer of advertising.

In exchange for promoting Digital Ad Pro, affiliates receive advertising credits upon signing up.

Advertisements can be shown to other Digital Ad Pro affiliates using these credits.

To generate “value,” Digital Ad Pro requires affiliates to watch these ads before they can get return on investment (ROI) payments.

But like a classic Ponzi scam, fresh capital is utilized to pay off earlier investors.

When interest in becoming an affiliate dries up, so does investment in MLM Ponzi schemes.

This will eventually cause the demise of Digital Ad Pro due to a lack of return on investment.

Digital Ad Pro may be experiencing withdrawal troubles, according to a post sent to the official Telegram group on August 5th.

Inevitably, when a Ponzi scheme fails, the vast majority of its members will be left out of pocket.

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