Beware of CashFX Group – Review Part 3

After the demise of CashFX Group, the exit fraud has been dragged out for a very long time.

Recently, major investors have had their accounts closed. The “losses” suffered by the scammers who “possess” the accounts have brought them to tears.

CashFX Group’s reorganization of investor money was “leaked” in a now-deleted marketing film by Tanya Jennings.

In Australia, Jennings is one of the company’s most influential advocates. She is a part of James Curtis’ support team.

Curtis is a leading UK promoter for CashFX Group.

Curtis and Jennings may have made hundreds of thousands of dollars by convincing others to join CashFX Group.

James joined Cash FX in late February 2020 for $500 and hasn’t poured any more money into the company since then.

Within 15 months, he had grown his $500 pack to $100,000, and he is now making a six-figure salary from trading and business (recruiting).

Curtis submitted this to the people he defrauded at CashFX Group after he was fired;

Like most of you, I joined CFX because of it… seemed real and legit.

No withdrawal problems surfaced throughout the first year, and the year overall appeared quite successful.

Yet, as you probably well know, this is not the situation today, with many individuals having to wait up to a year for a withdrawal.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have left CFX.

The CFX (is) extremely enraged and… have arbitrarily banned accounts on false claims of “cross pitching.”

Last week, Tanya and I were expelled from the Dictator’s Chat after being falsely accused of spying for the opposition.

Tanya told me last week that the corporation had taken $144,000 from her $100,000 account and suspended her account.

The following day, I checked my account and saw that the business had taken $228,000 out of my balance and had also frozen my $100,000 account.

We have both contacted Huascar Lopez, CEO of Cash FX Group, via their Telegram chat service, asking for an explanation.

No one from the firm has responded to any of our communications or even acknowledged receipt.

As of this writing, I have had no response from the firm, which doesn’t come as a surprise given that the corporation seldom if ever responds to any of its employees. This is repulsive to me.

CFX has already unlawfully withdrawn $372,034 from both of our accounts without our knowledge since we are under a contract with the firm that they have breached, and Tanya and I were due over $1 million in withdraws that have now gone back to the corporation.

Compared to what might potentially be over a billion dollars owed to the approximately 400,000 CFX members, this is a pittance.

Unfortunately, many people have invested their whole life savings in a “trading pack” because they were promised that it would be their passport to financial independence.

Due to CFX’s breach of contract without justification, we will be filing suit and seeking a liquidation order.

I’d like to add that because we are not CFX employees, the company has no right to restrict our activities outside of the firm.

Many thousands of you on the team are currently waiting for withdrawals, and you’re all probably very annoyed about it.

It has lately come to my attention, much to my disgust, that the Presidents and above in CFX have been paid every month, which explains the relative quiet of most Presidents and above during the withdrawal delays.

It’s horrible to hear anything like this, especially when many members of the team are struggling financially and haven’t been paid in a long time.

The firm is required by law to publish audited financial statements to show that it is in fact trading, but it has yet to do so.

To the best of my ability, I hope that… and I pray that CFX can reimburse you for part of your losses.

My whole crew and all of our future earnings will now be sent directly to Justin Halladay.

Within the next 48 hours, I will be ending this group.

It’s always amusing to hear about Ponzi schemers falling victim to their scams. That sight makes you feel sick.

Curtis, who claims to have been in MLM for “over 30 years,” certainly was aware that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scheme before he joined.

Curtis was aware that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scam, however, he still convinced many people to join. However, he and Jennings have been cut off from their nonexistent back office balances and he still refuses to recognize it’s a Ponzi scam.

As for the stolen monopoly money in the Ponzi scam, no one is going to court for it.

Those who are still employed by CashFX Group are aware that the Ponzi scam was exposed around November 2021. Curtis and Jennings, two prominent investors, originally claimed everything was OK when it wasn’t.

Several prominent recruiters for CashFX Group became silent and publicly distanced themselves from the Ponzi scam as the months and explanations stretched on.

As a result, Luigi Bruni’s divorce from Justin Halladay turned into a tangled disaster. Bruni and Halladay had stolen a combined multimillion dollars from the CashFX Group, where they both held positions in the highest non-admin investing position.

It is believed that Bruni was terminated because he advertised competing for multi-level marketing (MLM) options, at least one of which is a Ponzi scam, as verified by the website BehindMLM. The other is a multi-level marketing company that offers fraudulent trades.

Bruni has been busy directing funds from CashFX Group into 8 Minute Trader. Curtis and Jennings’ CashFX Group accounts were suspended for the same reason.

There appear to be two distinct groups inside CashFX Group at the moment. Investors that believe CashFX Group will magically produce millions of dollars to settle fictitious ROI sums, as well as those who followed Bruni into the 8 Minute Trader and other frauds.

Intriguingly, Bruni is diverting con artists from CashFX Group towards 8 Minute Trader. The risk Youngevity’s parent firm is taking with its successful MLM venture is enormous.

According to research conducted by BehindMLM, 8 Minute Trader is not a pyramid scam. There is no automated trading component, another common indicator of securities fraud in MLM opportunities.

However, Youngevity doesn’t appear to mind that there are several forms of securities fraud.

Idiots on YouTube have distilled 8 Minute Trader down to a “62% in 8 minutes” or “daily 1% to 10% ROI” scheme:

These practices may violate Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits “deceptive or unfair earnings assertions,” at the very least.

Youngevity would be in serious trouble if Sal Leto’s signals bot caused losses for the vast majority of 8 Minute Trader users.

It’s risky to place your faith in someone with links to OneCoin, which is arguably the most infamous multi-level marketing Ponzi fraud ever. The stakes are huge, what with Bruni and the other Ponzi crooks in the mix.

The greed of a Ponzi schemer is far harder to remove than the stains a dentist may remove from your teeth for a fee.

Besides 8 Minute Trader, Bruni is also responsible for the Ponzi scams Alya Finance and EnviFX & Automated Capital.

You may expect the same shady business practices from Alya Finance as you would from any other multi-level marketing crypto shitcoin Ponzi scheme. Securities fraud is being committed in the United States by the companies Envi FX and Automated Capital.

Youngevity doesn’t appear to care that their 8 Minute Trader affiliates are simultaneously pushing frauds, even though doing so may violate securities law and the FTC Act.

On the other side of CashFX Group, with Justin Halladay, you have a top earner who is aware that the company is doomed but chooses to act as though it is still alive.

By early to mid-2021, Halladay had stopped receiving stolen investor cash from CashFX Group, but he was still receiving the money he had stolen from them.

Even Halladay’s family moved down to the Dominican Republic at one time, but I don’t know the specifics of the financial agreement he has with Huascar Lopez.

It wasn’t long until Halladay brought his family back to the States.

Halladay, like Bruni, has been forced to look elsewhere for financial stability after the demise of CashFX Group.

Halladay, in contrast to Bruni, began doing this considerably sooner.

Halladay has been peddling NFT frauds for over a year, including

That’s what NFTAddictz is for.

Halladay has 863 useless NFTs in his NFTAddictz wallet at the moment.

This new NFTAddictz scam is a cheap metaverse idea at best.

Justin Halladay’s team is designing five play-to-earn games, in which gamers may earn cash.

“One of them is called the Crypto Casino,” Halladay explains.

We’re working on a gambling den for you to visit in Minecraft. Enjoy casino games like slots, blackjack, and roulette while earning tokens to spend on other games.

Tokens are digital currency that may be exchanged for unique in-game items, such as clothing and accessories, as well as other benefits, such as early access to content and the ability to create and customize their characters.

Halladay elaborates, “Players may earn cryptocurrencies as they progress via our games. “That’s the one I’m looking forward to.”

Microsoft’s Mojang Studios said last month that NFTs and blockchain will no longer be supported in Minecraft. Halladay’s latest con has nothing to do with Minecraft, whatever it may be.

The fact that Halladay wants to put a real crypto casino within Minecraft, which is largely aimed at children, is also alarming.

When comparing the actions of Halladay and Bruni, it appears that Huascar Lopez has decided on multi-level marketing.

That is, after the failure of CashFX Group, Bruni and Halladay were free to promote new frauds, provided they weren’t multi-level marketing schemes.

Halladay, on the other hand, seems committed to staying as long as he is paid off, while Bruni has left.

Staying with a defunct Ponzi scheme after you ceased actively advertising it more than a year ago makes no sense.

Halladay has hit a midlife crisis due to the arrangement’s unknown nature.

For the past twelve months, he has invested his time and money in purchasing toys, getting tattooed, and discussing religion on social media.

After scamming millions of dollars in Ponzi schemes, Halladay seems to believe that all he needs to do to find redemption is to give God a little lip service.

Soul purification is not as easy as fixing Luigi Bruni’s bad teeth. Furthermore, to the extent that Halladay is not completely immersed in religious deception, he is certainly aware of this.

Halladay’s Facebook page is devoid of the verse “Thou Shalt Not Steal” from Exodus 20:15.

What CashFX Group CEO Huascar Lopez thought was going to be a relaxing trip to Italy turned out to be the start of an elaborate exit fraud.

After first disabling withdrawals in November of last year, CashFX Group has not had any public business events since.

In recent months, Lopez has been completely absent from public view. Neither his whereabouts nor his condition at present is known.

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