Beware of MulaUp – Review

MulaUp can be traced back to Mula Network in early 2021. The new product better exemplifies what Mula 4 You is all about.

The website “” hosted services provided by Mula 4 You. Here’s what you’d see if you went to the Mula 4 You website right now:

Mula 4 Around the close of the year 2021, you started to fall apart. Because of this, Mula-4-Wifi was developed and made available to the public.

Participants in Jonathan Sifuentes’s Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi scam were also recruited via the Mula4You affiliate program.

A few months after its first launch, Xifra Lifestyle failed. The current state of Mula-4-Wifi’s online presence is as follows:

After the failure of Mula-4-Wifi, MulaUp (which had previously been housed on a.CO.ZA domain) was created.

Take a look at what you’d see if you went to MulaUp’s. CO.ZA domain right now:

Due to the failure of the “” domain launch, MulaUp has now launched on the “” domain.

It was on May 26th, 2022 when MulaUp secured the.COM extension for their website.

Hanli Lombard manages MulaUp as its CEO (right).

Lombard claims to be based in Randburg, South Africa, on her Facebook profile.

Lombard became well-known in South Africa as a leading promoter of the band Crowd1.

Lombard brags that he stole ZAR 14 million (about USD 860,000) in the Ponzi scam in May of 2020.

Some months after Lombardi’s brag, South African police revealed they were looking into Crowd1.

Crowd1’s demise was marked in December 2020 when CEO Johan Stael von Holstein cashed out and disappeared.

After the failure of Crowd1 in 2020, Lombard introduced Mula Network at the beginning of 2021. The Mula* systems proposed by Lombard are, I think, being introduced here.

Dial-A-Mula was relaunched after the rapid demise of Mula Network.

Lombard likely started UmVuzo about February 2022 to avoid paying taxes. For whatever reason, Lombard thinks Dial-A-Mula qualifies as a “product” for UmVuzo.

In addition to using it to promote her Mula* scams, it looks like UmVuzo is merely another platform Lombard uses to promote her product. This might be used to lure people into one of Lombard’s other Ponzi scams (e.g. Xifra Lifestyle).

Lombard’s history of dishonesty extends back to before her Ponzi schemes when she stole from her employers.

In July 2007, Lombard was found guilty of stealing;

What jumps out, in this case, is the relationship you had with your prior employer,” Magistrate Amrith Chabilall told Hanli Lombard, 35.

She was sweet and caring, and she made you feel like you were one of the family.

To put it clearly, what you did was reprehensible, and the fine should serve as a constant warning to never act in such a way again.

Lombardi was suspected of further defrauding her company by closing up fraudulent agreements, but she was found not guilty of this as well.

In June of 2022, SimilarWeb started recording data for MulaUp’s current website domain. Everyone who visits the site does so from South Africa.

Here we’ll take a close look at the MLM potential of Milaap.

Things You Can Buy From MulaUp

There are no resalable goods or services offered by Milaap.

Affiliates can only promote joining MulaUp as an affiliate.

The Pay Structure of MulaUp

Affiliates of MulaUp invest 200 ZAR every month to cycle through a seven-level matrix.

MulaUp’s cycler is based on a 22 matrix.

One affiliate is placed at the top of a 22 matrix, with two other spots right below them.

The matrix’s first level consists of these two places. These initial two places are then subdivided into two new positions each to form the second level of the matrix (4 positions).

In other words, there are a total of six possible values for each of the six slots in a 22 matrix.

Matrix positions are filled by MulaUp affiliates who are recruited either directly or indirectly and who pay 200 ZAR for each position.

A “cycle” is produced when each of a matrix’s six slots is occupied.

At the second tier and above, this results in a cycle commission and advancement to the next cycler tier.

The seven-level cycler used by MulaUp has the following payment schedule:

Tier 1 (monthly position cost: 200 ZAR): no cycle commission, creates a Tier 2 position; Tier 2: no cycle commission, creates a Tier 3 position; Tier 3: 150 ZAR cycle commission, creates a Tier 4 position; Tier 4: 400 ZAR cycle commission, creates a Tier 5 position; Tier 5: 1,500 ZAR cycle commission, creates a Tier 6 position; Tier 6: 3,500 ZAR cycle commission, creates a Tier 7 position; Tier 7:

Payments made in exchange for referrals

Affiliates receive a reward from MulaUp whenever their directly recruited affiliates go to and from Tiers 3 and above:

If you have seven levels of affiliates and one of them cycles out of Tier 3, you will earn 15 ZAR; if they cycle out of Tier 4, you will earn 40 ZAR; if they cycle out of Tier 5, you will earn 150 ZAR; if they cycle out of Tier 6, you will earn 350 ZAR; and if they cycle out of Tier 7, you will earn 1200 ZAR monthly commissions.

Every month, for 200 ZAR, you may renew your cycling commission and your referral commission on Milaap.

For instance, if you achieved Tier 4 cycle commissions one month, then the next month all of your matrices contributed 200 ZAR, you would once again achieve Tier 4.

Therefore, the aforementioned cycle and referral commissions remain monthly recurring so long as customers in all matrices throughout all levels in which you hold positions continue to pay 200 ZAR every month.

To receive a bonus of 50,000 ZAR, a MulaUp affiliate must have all jobs in their 17 matrices filled.

Keep in mind that, for reasons we’ll discuss, this is not likely to remain consistent from month to month.

Affiliates in MulaUp are eligible for a 10% Matching Bonus on cycle commissions for two tiers deep in the company’s recruiting structure (affiliates you recruit and those they recruit).

Joining MulaUp as an affiliate costs 200 ZAR each month.

Consensus from MulaUp

The monthly investment in MulaUp, a pyramid scam, is only 200 South African Rand.

Hanli Lombard has packaged diverse rubbish throughout each matrix cycler layer even though the firm sells nothing:

Among the included items is a digital business card called “E-Selfie.”

Go2 Online Marketing is the supplier of greeting cards. Over the years, Lombard has promoted his Ponzi schemes via the service.

A feature where users may share their wifi network was also mentioned, although I’m not sure if it’s still available.

In any case, a pyramid scheme’s legitimacy isn’t enhanced by the addition of new components. A simple product-based pyramid scheme is the result.

People pay 200 ZAR every month because of the potential for financial gain. You can make tens of thousands of ZAR per month if you pay 200 ZAR a month and recruit other idiots who do the same.

Because of the mathematical certainty that the vast majority of participants would lose money, pyramid schemes are prohibited by law. It’s the same with Milaap.

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