Beware of QunoMine – Review

QunoMine’s website is mysteriously lacking in details regarding the company’s leadership.

The “” domain, which hosts the QunoMine website, was privately registered on July 26, 2022.

Former COO Dan Schwartz implied that QunoMine was a reboot in BehindMLM’s latest BNB Robot assessment.

The following is the wording of the stop and desist letter we submitted to the proprietors of BNB Robot (now Qunomine).

We had nothing to do with the production in the first place, and when the owners failed to fulfill their obligations, we cut ties and demanded that they stop utilizing our likenesses and any allusions to us.

Schwartz wrote a cease-and-desist letter to “Shamik, JD, and Team,” implying that the people involved are Indian.

‘Shamik Kundu’ authored the following promotional materials for QunoMine:

Kundu claims on his personal Facebook page that he is headquartered in Kolkata, the state capital of West Bengal.

Kundu’s Ponzi schemes appear to have started with YoCoin at the earliest (2016).

QunoMine advocates back up Daniel Schwartz’s accusation that their product is just a rebranded version of BNB Robot by saying:

U.S. citizen Brian Rhodes (on the right) runs “Digital Passive Education” and has lately moved his family to the Dominican Republic.

Rhodes has promoted other multi-level marketing (MLM) crypto Ponzi scams, such as FastBNB (managed by YoCoin CEO Biman Das) and EasyMatic.

Think twice before joining and especially before giving any money to any multi-level marketing firm that isn’t completely transparent about who owns and operates it.

Solutions from QunoMine

There are no commercially available offerings from QunoMine.

QunoMine affiliates may only promote the affiliate membership.

Compensation Structure at QunoMine

Members of QunoMine’s affiliate program put US Dollars’ worth of their own money into Binance coin (BNB). Because of the guaranteed 250% return on investment.

If you invest between $50 and $250, you’ll earn 1% daily; from $251 to $750, you’ll earn 1.5%; from $751 to $1,500, you’ll earn 2% daily; from $1,501 to $10,000, you’ll earn 3% daily; and from $10,001 and up, you’ll earn 4% daily.

QunoCoin, a BEP-20 shitcoin associated with the firm, is how I understand profits from QunoMine will be distributed.

QunoCoin can be received as payment for investments made or as a portion of the 10x return on investment.

Reinvestment is necessary for an affiliate to continue earning if they have received a payout of 250% or have earned 1000% of their initial investment (via ROI and MLM commissions).

QunoMine’s multilevel marketing arm rewards members for bringing in new affiliate investors.

Sales Bonuses for Making Referrals (investment)

In a unilevel compensation plan, QunoMine offers referral fees on capital investments made by their referred investors.

In a unilevel pay plan, an affiliate is at the top of a team and every individual they recruit is at the same level as them.

Affiliates that are recruited by an existing affiliate on level 1 will join the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

Affiliates on level 2 who bring in new affiliates get promoted to level 3, and so on, perhaps indefinitely.

There is a limit of five paid unilevel team levels in QunoMine.

The following table details the percentage of funds invested that corresponds to each referral level.

7 percent of sales come from level 1 affiliates (those directly recruited), 4 percent from level 2 associates, 3 percent from level 3 associates, 2 percent from level 4 associates, and 1 percent from level 5 associates.

Compensation for Making Referrals (ROI)

As with investment referral commissions, QunoMine’s return on investment (ROI) referral rewards are paid out utilizing a unilevel system (see above).

QunoMine offers a 15-tiered referral commission structure based on the customer’s return on investment.

25% at level 1, 20% at level 2, 15% at level 4, 10% at level 5, and 8% at level 6. ranges between 6% and 10% 11 to 15 – 4%

Financial Reward for Leadership

The Leadership Bonus in QunoMine is a way for recruiters to increase their earnings from the investments of their affiliates.

If you can get other people to contribute $125,000, you’ll earn a 0.5 percent Leadership Bonus. If you can get them to invest $250,000, you’ll earn 1 percent.

Gain a 2% Leadership Bonus if you can get other people to contribute $625,000.

Platinum: Raise $1,250,000 from additional investors and get a 3% Leadership Bonus

Diamond: Raise $2,500,000 from other investors and get a 4% Leadership Bonus

To become a QunoMine affiliate, all you have to do is register for free.

A minimum investment of $50 in BNB is required to fully participate in the associated income potential.


As of now, BNB Robot has failed twice. Eight days passed during the second cycle.

QunoMine is the latest iteration in what appears to be a six-year fraud orchestrated by a group of Indians.

As opposed to BNB Robot, investors in QunoMine will be left bag holding QunoCoin and saying “sorry for your loss” when the platform ultimately crashes.

QunoCoin was developed on the Binance Smart Chain and is a BEP-20 shitcoin.

Binance Coin (BNB) is a Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) utility token that can only be mined by members of our community and will be used to tokenize a variety of exciting new BlockChain initiatives.

tokens for the BEP-20 protocol require minimal effort and no money to start up.

Beyond that, QunoMine is just another Ponzi scheme promoted by the same people behind the original.

When interest in becoming an affiliate wanes, new money stops flowing into the MLM Ponzi scam.

Eventually, this will cause the demise of QunoMine by starving the company of ROI income.

When a Ponzi scheme eventually falls apart, the logic underlying it assures that the vast majority of its participants will be out their money.

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