Beware of CashFlow NFT – Review

Daniel Wood, a Swedish citizen, is the face of the CashFlow NFT in the public eye.

However, professional con artist Micah Theard is the one who created the Ponzi scheme.

However, there is no mention of Micah Theard anywhere on the CashFlow NFT website.

Even though CashFlow NFT has established and started seeking investment, their website is currently only a signup form.

Theard and CashFlow NFT only have one known public link, which was a crypto-shill event hosted in Texas back in June:

We find an unlisted video on Miracle Cash&More’s YouTube channel to verify that Theard is the founder of CashFlow NFT:

Hello, I’m Micah. I am the company’s founder.

It appears that Theard, who founded the business, has also appointed himself vice president.

This is consistent with Daniel Wood (right) serving as the organization’s public face.

CEO Hakan Törehan is the head of the cryptocurrency wallet business Miracle Cash & More. Through the wallet services provided by Miracle Cash & More, CashFlow NFT operates its Ponzi scam.

Trehan and Wood both have connections to Cyprus, a country that, for the most part, tolerates scams.

Torehan was detained in 2017 about an “illegal gambling operation” and ties to “organized crime.” Torehan was accused of “offering funds for unlawful internet gambling sites,” specifically.

After being granted bail in February 2018, Trehan devised a scheme to avoid reporting to the police by obtaining a phony medical certificate.

When that failed, Trehan vanished in June. In September, he turned himself into the police.

Osman Aydeniz, who at the time was sought for drug trafficking and theft by the UK and Interpol, allegedly abducted Trehan, according to Trehan.

Trehan was reaffirmed by Aydeniz.

He is a family friend who arrived of his own free will. There is no ill will between us.

I was unable to determine what transpired after that. Cyprus is a notoriously shady state that has lax enforcement of the law, even outside of MLM.

For instance, Trehan reappeared as a crypto bro in January 2021.

A cryptocurrency dubbed “Miracle” was invented by 6 Turkish Cypriots.

One of the firm’s founders, Hakan Törehan, claimed that they are the first and only licensed business and that they want to construct the bank of the future. The company began operating in Nicosia, Famagusta, and Girne in the TRNC.

Although Miracle Cash & More was introduced in or around December 2021, it appears that Miracle as a cryptocurrency has not progressed.

The website for Miracle Cash & More has been inaccessible ever after BehindMLM linked it to CashFlow NFT on August 4th

Uncertain about the narrative there. Torehan seems to have switched from “funding illegal gambling sites” to “financing unlawful MLM crypto Ponzi scams,” in any case.

This brings us to Micah Theard, the creator of CashFlow NFT.

Theard had a job in the textile sector before he began operating Ponzi schemes.

Theard’s first significant MLM fraud, in my opinion, was Flexkom in 2013 or 2014.

Flexkom was a pyramid scam that was covered up by a network of retailers. Turkish con artists ran it.

Following Flexkom Theard’s promotion of the infamous OneCoin Ponzi scheme

Around this time, a user going by the name “Micah” appeared on BehindMLM and claimed to have “checked” the fictitious blockchain of OneCoin.

Following OneCoin Theard’s involvement with Circle Society

David Saffron operated the $100 million cryptocurrency Ponzi fraud known as Circle Society. In June 2022, Saffron was taken into custody by US officials.

Theard appears to have understood that operating Ponzi schemes are where the money is. Thus, CashFlow NFT exists.

CashFlow NFT was actively selling $5000 NFT investments to unsuspecting investors in Spain as of June 2022:

Following Spain CashFlow NFT, comparable NFT investment options have been floated to UK citizens.

According to a source, Daniel Wood stated last week that “the sale of these NFTs has slowed down.”

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