Beware of Cala AI – Review

On its website, Cala AI makes no mention of who the company’s owners or executives are.

The website domain (“”) for Cala AI was initially registered in 2006. I assume the present owner(s) gained control of it on January 18, 2022, the day the private registration was last updated.

Cala AI offers anti-money laundering certificates for FinCEN (US) and SCUML to seem trustworthy (Nigeria). There are additional basic incorporation certificates for Nigeria and the US (Colorado).

These certifications are useless for MLM due diligence since it is simple for con artists to create shell businesses with false information.

When a corporation registers with FinCEN or SCUML, there is no regulatory control or verification.

Visitors are sent to “,” a subdomain located on a separate site when they attempt to join Cala AI’s MLM opportunity.

This domain, which was privately registered on June 27, 2022, serves as a portal to the app by Caa AI. The MLM opportunity offered by Cala AI is run through this app.

Taiwan (100%) is now the primary source of traffic for Cala AI’s “” website, according to SimilarWeb.

This peculiar traffic pattern suggests that whoever is responsible for Cala AI has connections to Taiwan.

Nigerians make up about 60% of the website’s traffic, followed by Spaniards (21%), and Indians (19%).

Noteworthy is the fact that Cala AI’s initial (and still active) YouTube account was

canceled owing to repeated or serious infractions of YouTube’s anti-spam, anti-dishonest behavior, anti-misleading material policies, and other Terms of Service breaches.

On August 16, a second Cala AI channel was hurriedly created. Additionally, it should be emphasized that ban evasion is against YouTube’s TOS.

The promotional movies for Cala AI combine stock material with a robotic nais is a commonwhoeverused by con artists from non-English speaking nations.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from Cala AI

No retailable goods or services are offered by Cala AI.

The only thing that affiliates may promote is Cala AI affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan for Cala AI Affiliates of Cala AI Invests in the (USDT). Based on a 30-day marketed ROI, this is done.

Robot No. 0: Invest 10 USDT for 10 days (I assume there is no withdrawal at this level)

Pay a 2 USD charge, spend 30 USD, and receive 45 USD with Robot No. 1.

Robot No. 2: Pay a charge of 5 USDT, invest 100 USDT, and get 151 USDT in return.

Robot No. 3: Pay a 25 USD charge, put in 500 USD, and get 755 USD in return.

Robot No. 4: Pay a charge of 100 USDT, put in 2000 USDT, and get 2990 USDT in return.

Robot No. 5: For a cost of 500 USDT, a $10,000 USDT investment, and 15,100 USDT Cala AI gives downline affiliates a matching bonus on ROI payments, paid down three levels of recruiting (unilevel):

Tier 1 affiliates (personally recruited affiliates) make 6% on level 1, 3% on level 2, and 1.5% on level 3.

Affiliates on the second tier make 8.4% on level 1, 4.2% on level 2, and 3% on level 3.

Affiliates in Tier 3 are paid 12% at Level 1, 6% at Level 2, and 3% at Level 3.

It should be noted that Cala AI’s website does not include any tier qualification requirements.

It costs nothing to become a Cala AI associate member.

A least 32 USDT investment is needed to fully participate in the linked income opportunity. Every 30 days, reinvestment is necessary to maintain earnings.

Cala AI Summary

According to Cala AI, it makes money from outside sources through “automated exchange robots.” Arbitrage is described in bad English here.

The standard Ponzi scheme for MLM cryptocurrency frauds uses “trading bots.” Accordingly, there is no proof Cala AI has a bot or that any form of outside income is used to pay affiliate withdrawals.

The yearly ROI for Cala AI’s marketing videos is 882%.

If that were the case, the person or people behind Cala AI would merely covertly control the trading bot. They most certainly wouldn’t provide unauthorized users online access to it.

I’ll remind out that the only credentials that would matter are with financial regulators in Nigeria (Nigerian SEC), Spain (CNMV), and India as Cala AI has published worthless money laundering and incorporation certificates on its website (SEBI).

Cala AI is unable to give proof that it has submitted the legally needed audited financial reports and registered with any of these agencies.

The only way Cala AI can supply these filed audited reports is by making money from trading and utilizing that money to cover withdrawals.

Right now, new investment is the sole provable source of income for Cala AI.

Cala AI is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh investments to pay 30-day returns on an invested tether.

As with all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

This will deprive Cala AI of ROI income, leading to its eventual collapse.

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that most investors lose money when they fail.

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