Beware of Zeus’ Bounty- Review

Zeus’ Bounty began as a straightforward BNB smart-contract pyramid scheme in late 2021.

Here’s how that’s going as of August 2022:

Owner Tim Bentley unveiled ZeusCoin and Zeus’ Chariots to continue the scam when the pyramid scheme collapsed.

Zeus’ Chariots was a money-grabbing NFT game. The release date for the game was February 2022.

Affiliates of Zeus’ Bounty had their first peek at the game on June 19, 2022, four months later:

Riveting. That could easily reach the top of the Steam rankings.

Anyway, a week or so after that disclosure, Bentley introduced Zeus Academy, a platform via which affiliates are being drawn into a fresh gaming operation.

Go to your Zeusesbounty member’s section if you are already a member of the Zeus Academy to check out the newly launched course.

The Simple Dutch System, which Bentley (right) is selling to Zeus’ Bounty affiliates for $497, is the “new course.”

RISK-FREE Profits are GUARANTEED by the New System!

We will assist you in generating $3K, $6K, or more over the following 30 days using our exclusive tools, comprehensive training, and tested strategy.

by only adhering to the Simple Dutch System.

The Simple Dutch Course includes instructions on how to use all of the system’s functions as well as step-by-step courses starting with a basic comprehension of topics.

Examples of various offers, advice on how to bet to make the most money, and more.

Using proprietary software, you may rapidly locate the greatest odds by viewing the finest live updated matches.

OddsJam’s sponsored BONUS lesson covers advanced techniques for making money long after the offers stop coming in.


The money-back promise raised my first red flag. I discovered this when I looked up the T&C:

A 45-day, double money-back guarantee is offered.

After purchasing the course and providing the following information to be validated, if you aren’t making money betting on sports after 45 days, you’ll get double your money back.

You acknowledge that you either reside in a state or province that we have designated as profitable or that you have plans to visit one.

All money-back guarantees will be nullified if you acquire this course and attempt to utilize our method in a state or province that Simple Dutch has not designated as lucrative.


What’s the chance that your “state/province” would be deemed insolvent if the system doesn’t function within the allotted 45 days?

For those who are not familiar, with Dutch betting

is the term used to describe the wagering strategy of backing many outcomes in a single event as opposed to simply one?

Betting on numerous outcomes in a single event, primarily in football and horse racing, is done to make money if one of your selections succeeds.

Dutch betting carries a lot of risks because you lose your money on both bets if both results are losers.

Simple Dutch System doesn’t say which sport(s) affiliates will wager on.

The program is “sponsored by OddsJam, whose website provides odds for a variety of sports.

To get started, we advise possessing at least $3,000. With a lesser bankroll, you can still win, but it will be challenging and need a lot of perseverance.

The arbitrage component of OddsJam lacks transparency once more due to the Simple Dutch System’s opacity.

Bentley is providing a 20% commission on personal sales and 5% on level 2 for anybody wishing to promote the Simple Dutch System (unilevel).

Anyway, this will eventually reach its conclusion. Or, at the very least, until Bentley devises a fresh scam to divert Zeus’ Bounty affiliates into.

Bentley is using the “” domain, which was privately registered on June 22, 2022, to operate the Simple Dutch System.

The website’s traffic is insignificant since SimilarWeb is not monitoring it.

Pyramid of cryptocurrency smart contracts, NFT game fraud, and gambling fraud. What will happen to the victims of Zeus’ Bounty next?

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