Beware of Pegasus – Review

The Ponzi scheme known as Pegasus has failed.

Affiliates trying to withdraw as of 24-36 hours ago are getting a bitcoin fee problem notice.

The amount presented static across various affiliate accounts and attempted withdrawal amounts suggests that the error message is hard-coded.

I believe that Pegasus affiliates can yet add fresh capital to the plan.

Pegasus’ administrators first informed investors that the error message was brought on by a “payment processor issue” as they fled.

It has previously occurred three times, lasting each time five to six hours.

Pegasus kept coming up with fresh “upgrades” as the time passed.

When we wish to add money to the wallet for payouts, we have a funding and payout address. The challenge is transferring cash from the funding wallet to the payments wallet.

When the payments wallet is empty, we simply move funds from one wallet to another since we don’t want to retain a lot of money there in case of hacking or another incident.

The upgrade broke something in the wallet we use for that, making it impossible for us to move funds from funding to payment wallet during the past few hours.

Error displays how much money is still in the payment wallet because of this.

This means that upon the failure of the exit scam, Pegasus’ withdrawal wallet contained exactly 0.00002255 BTC.

Pegasus was a crypto MLM Ponzi that offered 1.5% daily pitches with a 300% maximum.

Pegasus is thought to be operated by Russian con artists since it uses ePayCore, a Russian financial services company.

On April 11th, 2022, the Central Bank of Russia issued a warning on the Pegasus pyramid scheme.

The website traffic dropped between May and June, with only a minor comeback in July, before Pegasus’ collapse.

Why Pegasus failed should be evident for a Ponzi scheme that relied on new investor money to pay withdrawals.

According to SimilarWeb website traffic statistics, Pegasus investor recruitment has completely stopped. Germany is the exception to this rule, which will probably result in the majority of new Pegasus investors losing money.

Unknown are the total numbers of Pegasus victims and losses.

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