Beware of Amplifei – Review

Robert Oblon sold Amplifier to LaCore Enterprises, it was revealed last month.

Since then, information about Amplifei’s situation has been public, and it appears the business was not profitable.

Amplifier was introduced in early 2021 by Oblon (on the right). The debut came after a tumultuous split from his last business, Entrepreneurs.

Due to his egregious financial malfeasance, Robert Oblon lost his position of power and was kicked off the board of directors.

He willingly left his position to avoid facing legal consequences for his wrongdoing.

Amplifier advertised a Founder’s Pool to potential Happiest Pack affiliates to entice distributors.

It would cost $1000 to join Amplifier with a Happiest Pack.

The Founder’s Pool at Amplifier was composed of 5% of monthly sales income for the whole firm. The pool qualification period concluded on February 28, 2021, and shares were restricted to 1000.

Additionally, a “7-day resort vacation in Mexico” was promoted.

According to the aforementioned official promotion, an associate had to qualify as Active with 50 PV every month to be eligible for the Founder’s Pool.

Beginning on April 15, 2021, qualifying Happiest Pack associates would receive payments from the Founder’s Pool every quarter.

The first Founder’s Pool was not paid out as of April 15, 2021. The first quarter of 2022 as well as the last two quarters of 2021 were not compensated.

In actuality, no one in Amplifier has yet gotten a portion of the Founder’s Pool or the promised trip to Mexico.

Robert Oblon responded as follows when asked about the Founder’s Pool not paying out:

The Founder Pool will only be distributed after the business is profitable, as we have made clear.

Amplifier’s Happiest Packs had not been advertised or offered for sale under this premise.

Oblon eventually acknowledged that Amplife’s Happiest Packs were offered for sale as investments:

The amplifier did nothing while receiving $1000 for each Happiest Pack sold. The topic didn’t come up until we talked about the advertised Founder’s Pool not being paid.

Oblon’s “profitability” provision would be reduced after an “audit” to a 50% compensation requirement.

It’s not rare for commissions and incentives to be capped at a portion of overall sales. However, commissions and incentives are often reduced until the aforementioned level is met rather than not being paid out at all.

Some distributors of the Happiest Pack felt taken advantage of by these Founder’s Pool adjustments and maintained non-payment.

Distributors started requesting refunds from Amplifier under the theory that they had been duped.

According to an email obtained by BehindMLM, one distributor was promised they would receive a refund provided they returned every item from their Happiest Pack.

This happened around a year after the pack had been bought.

Another distributor who belonged to the group that had been expelled as a result of complaints was informed;

Any additional correspondence you send to the Company regarding this issue will not get a response.

Amplifier attempted to contain the damage in mid-to late-2021 with a “Founder’s Pack Release Agreement,” maybe out of concern about a regulatory inquiry.

Important clauses of the deal were:

releasing Amplifier and Oblon from any legal obligations relating to Amplifei’s Happiness Pack (also known as the “Founder’s Pack”), notifying Amplifier of any subpoena relating to the agreement or Happiness Packs generally, not disclosing a refund had been offered to anyone, and not disclosing or discussing the release agreement itself.

The initial $1000 money was returned to everyone who signed the contract. It is unknown how many distributors of Amplifier received the release agreement and how many accepted it.

Distributors were still asking Amplifier for refunds of the Happiest Pack as of January 3rd, 2022.

This brings up the recent sale of Amplifier by Robert Oblon to LaCore Enterprises.

The amplifier is presumed to have been unprofitable given that it previously failed to pay the Founder’s Pool.

It is unknown how much money LaCore Enterprises paid Oblon to acquire Amplifier.

What is known is that Oblon has continued to serve as an executive and is once more providing pool shares as a result of the Uforia Science merger.

This time, shares are based on the sale of product packs rather than Happiness Packs. Retail consumers, as well as affiliates who have been recruited, may purchase these packs.

I tried to get information about the Unity Pool Promo from Uforia Science but couldn’t find anything. However, according to the marketing for Oblon in the screenshot above, Unity Pool shares are paid out at 2% of Uforia Science’s overall revenue.

Profitability and a 50% commission threshold are not mentioned.

The Unity Pool Promo at Uforia Science is open from April 1 to April 30, 2022. We’ll have to wait and see if shares are paid this time.

While it appeared that Amplifei’s distributors were treated unfairly, Oblon gained money as Amplifei’s owner in 2021.

Selling the business to LaCore Enterprises brought him new money. And Oblon is still being compensated for his work as an executive with Uforia Science.

Unknown numbers of Amplifier distributors were fortunate enough to receive a refund of the $1000 they spent on the packets, but only by giving up their legal rights. In the absence of this, unhappy distributors were fired for complaining or informed they weren’t eligible for a Happiest Pack refund.

The Founder’s Pool for Amplifier, as promised, was never funded.

There seems to be only one “happy” party present. And it’s not the original distributor of Amplify.

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