Beware of Smart Value – Review

India’s Uttar Pradesh has seen the murder of an MLM promoter.

His killer claimed that the promoter called him “many times a day” and was harassing him.

Smart Value was distributed by a college student named Vipin, who was 18 years old.

It appears that Smart Value is an MLM firm that sells nutritional supplements. You sign up, purchase goods, and get compensated for bringing on new members.

Although retail is a possibility, recruiting is where the real money is. Vipin then started making efforts to appoint members to his team.

Twenty-year-old student Amit was one of his potential recruiters.

Amit originally turned down the offer to join Smart Value. Vipin nonetheless repeatedly called Amit every day from many phone numbers.

This ultimately resulted in Amit planning a gathering at a nearby grave.

Vipin rode a bike with a friend to the meeting. Amit rode his bike to the gathering as well.

Amit instructed Vipin’s companion to proceed alone after they met. He stated that he had forgotten some paperwork and had to go home to fetch it.

The buddy of Vipin continued to the tomb. Before leaving to go home, he lingered there “a long time.”

Contacting Vipin was not successful. He had turned off his phone. At 4 PM, Vipin’s father finally filed a kidnapping case.

After Vipin’s buddy moved forward, it was discovered during the ensuing police inquiry

(Amit and Vipin) participated in a hearing about a specific topic. Amit became irate as a result, and he killed Vipin by strangling him.

The police detained Amit. After questioning, he confessed and told the police where to find Vipin’s body.

Since then, police have pointed to Smart Value advertising as a major element.

Vipin continued to call Amit despite Amit’s reluctance since the corporate leaders were so pressuring him to do so.

As a result, the company’s participation will also be investigated, and its records will be carefully examined.

Although I have only glanced at Smart Value’s website, I have already added it to BehindMLM’s review list.

I looked for a statement from Smart Value but was unable to locate one. However, I did come across a lot of unethical marketing claims:

Whether Smart Value is a pyramid system or not, it is certainly wrong to kill MLM recruiters in public.

While it may be amusing to make jokes about MLM telemarketing spam, a young student has ultimately lost his life apart from the MLM component.

Although I doubt it, I hope the alleged “pressure” from the company that Amit was under is looked into and those responsible are held accountable.

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