Beware of CashFX Group – Review Part 4

The story of Luigi Bruni’s life after CashFX Group sheds light on how the Ponzi scam managed to find fresh victims even after forbidding withdrawals for over a year.

Huascar Lopez, owner, and CEO of CashFX Group kept the majority of the proceeds for himself, similar to any MLM Ponzi scheme.

He also compensated top affiliates $20,000 a month to keep them from recruiting new victims into the program.

In response to inquiries concerning his departure from CashFX Group, Bruni replied;

Motive 1:

The community has gone 10 months without a withdrawal.

the second:

The CEO was investing all of our money in his endeavors all around the world.

the third

The CEO (Huascar Lopez) paid me and all the other Presidents and Ambassadors $20,000 a month to be quiet and maintain peace among the other members.

Reason 4:

After earning millions of dollars, my partner (Justin Halladay), who was a close buddy, turned into a total fool.

He spent his time yelling at everyone to be quiet and ejecting members mercilessly.

I trusted this buddy, but he turned into a thief when I had a BTC wallet with him that had a substantial amount of money.

He also connected me with his business partner, who duped me into investing a lot of money in three projects and is now attempting to defraud me of it all.

Why No. 5:

To face the CEO and find out why he wasn’t paying out, five presidents and I traveled to Panama four months ago.

Can you at least pay out the month of January so people have money to live? requested one of the presidents to the CEO.

If you’re not satisfied, get the fuck out of here, and I’ll keep your downline, said he (Huascar Lopez).

What planet does this fool hail from, are you serious?

Motive 6:

All that monopoly money you see in your back offices is not going to be returned by Huascar Lopez.

He intends to scatter crumbs along the road to entice as many participants as possible to phase 2.

If you’re lucky, he could eventually obtain the card and permit everyone to withdraw a little amount of cash until step 2.

He won’t ultimately give you all the money you see in your back office, though.

He will end phase 1 once phase 2 begins, so you can all say goodbye to your money.

Motive 7:

I also witnessed several other powerful leaders being expelled and having their accounts frozen.

Motive 8:

Please use caution with CEOs and other executives who discuss religion and business; stay away from them.


The only senior leader with the guts to tell Huscar Lopez to stick his $20k monthly salary up his arse was me. Hahaha!!!!!

Bruni departed CashFX Group this month after stealing millions of dollars from the company with Halladay using Cloud Token and CashFX Group.

Halladay allegedly taking control of the CashFX Group Master Distributor account that he and Bruni shared is what led to Bruni’s resignation, according to speculation.

In both Youngevity’s 8 Minute Trader and the Ponzi scam Alya Finance, Bruni is now aggressively soliciting investors.

Halladay has not publicly addressed Bruni’s departure or the suspected theft of the funds still in the Master Distributor account, however, it is assumed that he is still receiving hush money from Lopez.

One thing I can confirm is that once he was successful in stealing millions via CashFX Group, Halladay flooded his social media accounts with religious postings.

The frequency of Halladay’s religious comments grew when CashFX Group stopped allowing withdrawals and began using hush money as payments.

Most of the time, Halladay doesn’t specifically promote CashFX Group on his social media. Since withdrawals were disabled, this has always been the case.

Affiliates of CashFX Group who have not yet received hush money still see figures on a screen, but they are unable to withdraw them.

Phase 2 is rubbish, and it concerns a new trading platform. This does not address the millions of dollars in losses incurred by both previous and present CashFX Group investors.

Huascar Lopez left the Dominican Republic last year while pretending to be on vacation in Italy after disabling withdrawals.

Lopez hasn’t been observed or heard from recently. Halladay, who relocated his family last year to travel with Lopez in South America, has come back to Florida.

The majority of CashFX Group victims are thought to be citizens of the US. US authorities have not yet taken any action against Bruni, Lopez, Halladay, or CashFX Group.

According to SimilarWeb, during June and July, website traffic for CashFX Group decreased by the third month over month.

Still, over a million people visit the website each month, the bulk of them investors who are eager for information about withdrawals.

The bulk of visitors to the CashFX Group website comes from the UK (34%), Norway (8%), South Africa (6%), Australia (5%), and the US (4%), indicating that hiring has completely plummeted across the board.

26th August 2022 update Hush money payments of $13,000 per month have been verified.

The payments began in late May and have been paid out at the end of each month.

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