Beware of Profit Connect – Review Part 4

Profit Connect scam by William Roshak was settled for $470,000.

After Roshak was sued for a $500,000+ clawback late last year, a settlement was struck.

Roshak allegedly collected more than $500,000 of the $3 million Profit Connect distributed, as claimed by the Profit Connect Receiver.

Through his business, William George Photography, and his current wife, Luzhanska, Roshak acquired his fraudulent Profit Connect earnings.

as described by the Receiver in a status report filed on August 1st;

Roshak has agreed to refund $470,000 to the receivership estate by a settlement reached during mediation with Magistrate Judge Weksler.

According to the terms of the arrangement, Roshak could have withdrawn money from his PERS account, refinanced his house, or sold it to get the money.

By July 29, 2022, he must decide how he will fund the payment as per the settlement.

Roshak has notified the Receiver that he will fulfill the requirements of the settlement through a refinancing of a Las Vegas property and his public retirement account.

Tetiana Luzhanska and William Roshak concur to reimburse the Receiver for $470,000.00 jointly and severally.

Even though the Receiver is releasing the defendants from any claims that might have been made in the lawsuit, this release will not be valid if the Receiver learns of transfers of $10,000 or more that were made to or for the benefit of Roshak and his wife but were not previously known to the Receiver.

The court has not yet approved Roshak’s settlement as of the time of publishing.

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