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On its website, DGPBot omits providing corporate ownership or executive details.

The domain name “” for DGPBot’s website was first registered in 2020. On January 26th, 2022, the domain registration was last updated.

The proprietor is identified as Toto Dinar Wijaksono of PT. Hayuning Indo Tech, using an address in Megelang, Indonesia.

I’ve been able to piece together that Wijaksono is an Indonesian businessman who has developed several trading bot investment schemes.

DGPBot debuted in the middle of 2021, a year after DigiBot.

Zainul Wasti is identified as the plan’s “top leader” in a press release from October 2021:

The proprietor of the business is listed as Toto Wijaksono;

DGPBOT Autopilot, a robotic program for cryptocurrency trading that has been tried and true for perfection, is offered by Digibos as part of the Digibox Trading Platform.

Toto Dinar Wijaksono, the proprietor of Digibos, also attended the occasion since he had been requested specifically to serve as the keynote speaker.

Through its “DGPBot” trading bot, Digibos, which operated from “digits. VIP,” provided passive returns to investors.

Digibox, which debuted in or around June 2021, only existed for a short time. Digibox was restarted as DGPBot in early 2022 after it crashed.

There may have been a brief Dgibos reboot (no I operating from “dgibot. co” between Digibos and DGPBot (around Oct./Nov. 2021).

Playtech is an additional business to note;

A very remarkable AUTOPILOT TRADING ROBOT is DIGIBOS. created the Licensed from Indonesia’s Hyuning Tech.

The text above is taken from a Digibos promotional YouTube video from August 5, 2021. The website domain for DGPaytech has subsequently been blocked.

From “,” Hayuning Indo Tech conducts business. The entity that claims to be behind DGPBot and other cryptocurrency frauds is a faceless blockchain bro company:

If Toto Wijaksono is responsible for DGPBot, it stands to reason that he also owns Hayuning Indo Tech.

Finally, there is “,” a shoddy DGPBot support website launched in the latter half of 2021.

Language problems made it difficult to locate Toto Dinar Wijaksono.

In September of last year, Digibos had a webcast with “Digibos leaders” that was of potato quality.

The individual in the photo above used the Zoom handle “TDW,” which, in my opinion, stands for Toto Dinar Wijaksono.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from DGPBot

DGPBot doesn’t provide any services or items for sale.

The only thing affiliates may promote is DGPBot affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan for DGPBot

The rolling two-month trading bot membership fees are paid by DGPBot affiliates.

All of the four subscription packages that DGPBot provides are paid for using tether (USDT):

Sapphire: Exchanges up to $1000 USDT every two months for $100 USDT.

Ruby: can exchange up to $3000 USDT every two months for $300 USDT.

Emerald: may trade up to $5,000 USDT and receives $500 USDT every two months.

Diamond: Exchangeable for up to $25,000 USDT, paying $1000 USDT every two months.

Down three tiers of recruiting, DGPBot pays commissions on bot subscriptions (unilevel):

Level 1 (affiliates that I recruited): 20% Level 2: 5% Level 3: 1%

Employment Bonus

If DGPBot affiliates reach certain subscription sales goals, they are awarded a recruiting bonus:

250 recruiting bonuses are available if you bring in at least seven affiliates who spend $2500 USDT on subscriptions within 30 days of joining.

within 30 days of joining, recruit at least seven affiliates each spending $5,000 USDT on subscriptions to receive a $500 recruiting incentive.

within 30 days of joining, bring in at least seven affiliates each spending $10,000 USDT on subscriptions to qualify for a $10,000 recruiting incentive.

Be aware that the hiring incentives are tier-based. Only the highest tier is compensated.

Sapphire Bonus Pool

DGPBot divides the 3% of monthly membership volume throughout the whole firm into three smaller Diamond Bonus Pools.

Diamond tier affiliates that satisfy certain requirements are entitled to shares in each pool:

Pool 1 (0.5%): Find and keep ten affiliates who together spend at least $10,000 on memberships.

Pool 2 (1%) should find and keep 20 affiliates who collectively spend at least $20,000 on memberships.

Pool 3 (1.5%): Find and keep 50 affiliates who collectively are paying at least $50,000 in membership fees.

DGPBot affiliate membership requires bi-monthly payment of recurring subscription fees to participate.

Diamond – $1000 USDT DGPBot seems to be tethered. Sapphire: $100 USDT Ruby: $300 USDT Emerald: $500 USDT

DGPBot Summary

When everything in this assessment is taken into consideration, it looks like Toto Dinar Wijaksono downloaded a trading script from somewhere and isn’t selling it for top dollar.

DGPbot is a cryptocurrency trading robot that uses AI technology together with our trading algorithms.

Based on TradingView alerts and Telegram signal groups, DGPbot will automatically run.

The strategy appears to be to deploy the bot, watch it explode, and then launch it again under a different identity.

DGPBot marketing implies that Indonesians were the target audience for the fraud. DGPBot’s (again) Indonesian breakdown has caused the fraud to spread to the US and Philippines:

DGPBot is, at the very least, providing a passive investment plan:

Because this is a securities offering, DGPBot must register with the appropriate financial authorities.

The Financial Services Authority, Philippine SEC, and US SEC, respectively, oversee the regulation of securities in Indonesia, the Philippines, and the US.

DGPBot does not offer any proof that it has registered with a financial authority, which suggests that at the very least, both DGPBot and Wijaksono are engaging in securities fraud.

Promoters of DGPBot should be aware that it is also illegal to advertise unregistered securities.

MLM firms that conduct securities fraud are almost certainly running Ponzi schemes. DGPBot would then be influencing trade on the backend, inevitably leading to a collapse.

When DGPBot has completed luring fresh victims to the Philippines, their subsequent con is prepared:

August was the planned launch date for DGFX. That hasn’t happened as far as I’m aware.

Expect another DGPBot rebirth with a fresh coat of paint (crypto trading to forex trading) once DGFX does debut.

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