Beware of CashFX Group- Review Part 5

There have been thirteen documented hush money payments from CashFX Group. The issue is that there are now 18 leaders in the CashFX Group.

You may thank Rob Truckle from the CashFX (in collaboration with EverFX) Scam – Now What! for this study. dUh BlOcKcHaIn, the “James” Facebook community, and of course

Thirteen transactions totaling 0.83333333 BTC were performed on July 30th, according to a wallet that is believed to belong to CashFX Group (click to enlarge):

BTC was trading between $23,800 and $24,300 on July 30. We may get a range of $19,833 to $20,249 using 0.83333333 BTC.

The payments are made to wallets that have been identified as having previously received payments from acknowledged CashFX Group corporate wallets.

The identities of the thirteen CashFX Group executives who received hush money remain a mystery.

There are 18 known CashFX Group Ambassador’s and President’s Club accounts as of the thirteen July 30th payments:

“MLM Legend” and “Cash Machine” are ambassadors for Mahigo S.A. (Ambassador)

Robert Maude (Ambassador)

President of “Autotrader” and “Turbo,” Martin Orena (President)

Presidents Donal McCrossan, Emmanuel Kuye, Roy Maurice, Adrian McQuaid, and Nadia are listed in alphabetical order (President)

Presidents Lee OShea, Brian Chittick, and Lisa Jane Scott (President)

Presidents Paul Dueck, Neil Slinn, Char, and Joni Cvetkovski (President)

Five of the aforementioned accounts did not receive hush money, making them suspect targets of Huascar Lopez.

Additionally, it is unknown if Justin Halladay’s hush money was distributed in a single batch or individually.

According to former CEO Luigi Bruni, officials of the CashFX Group received $20,000 per month in hush money payments in exchange for

Asking no questions, remaining silent, handling frequent affiliate investors’ complaints regarding withdrawals, and continuing to recruit and support recruiting of new CashFX Group victims are all examples of bad behavior.

Three separate $20,000 hush money payments have already been made. The thirteen people mentioned above on July 29th, as well as the June 29th and May 30th payment rounds.

At the end of this month, Lopez will probably distribute the third tranche of money.

In November of last year, withdrawals were banned for regular CashFX Group investors.

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