Beware of inCruises- Review

A BehindMLM reader said earlier this year in our second inCruises review that

What was once a fantastic idea has become simply another travel agency with nothing unique to offer with the latest so-called upgrade to 2.0.

I just received an email from another reader asking for an updated review.

Back in 2017, BehindMLM released its second assessment of inCruises; now, we’re going back to provide an update.

Michael Hutchison, the company’s founder, and CEO, continues to serve in that capacity.

There is now branding for “inGroup International” in the footer of the InCruises website.

As our founders relocated the worldwide headquarters and themselves to the “Isla del Encanto,” INGROUP INTERNATIONAL LLC was established in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 2018. (the Island of Enchantment).

The action accelerated the cruise industry’s global development while raising the value of resorts and hotel holiday choices.

Hutchinson and Frank J. Codina were the co-founders of InGroup International.

2014 saw the appearance of Codina on BehindMLM’s radar as co-founder and CEO of Neurons.

A social network MLM firm calleNeuronsrs seems to have shut down in or around 2015. Codina is listed as the CEO of Neurs on the executive page of InGroup International seven years later.

I support executive history disclosure, and inGroup International does a great job of it overall, but this is a touch deceptive because it implies that Neurs is still employed.

Hutchison used to operate Florida-based cruises back in 2018. He and Codina are currently based in Puerto Rico.

On their website, inCruises lists three businesses for billing purposes:

A $100 per month membership is offered by Incruises LLC in Florida, Incruises Europe SLU in Andorra, and Ingroup International LLC in Puerto Rico.

The 200 Rewards Points generated by an inCruises membership each month can be used to purchase travel and related services.

The value of 1 Reward Point (RP) iUSD 1SD. Only on the inCruises platform may RP’s be used to make reservations for cruises, hotels, and resorts.

Reward Points “never expire” and “have no financial value and cannot be converted to cash,” according to inCruises’ marketing presentation.

Plan of Compensation for Cruises

On membership sales to Members and Partner Members, InCruises receives revenue.

Retail consumers that join up for the $100 per month travel membership are considered members.

Affiliates that sign up as partners but do not have a travel membership

Affiliates that join up for the $100 monthly travel membership are called partner members.

Bonuses and recruitment commissions are also available.

Keep in mind that not all inCruises incentives and commissions are given out for “free memberships.”

If an inCruises Partner or Partner Member has recruited/referred five Members of Partner Members, they are eligible for complimentary membership.

with Affiliate Ranks inCruises

Within inCruises compensation structure, there are nine ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Make $3000 in monthly downline membership volume and register as an inCruises Partner or Partner Member Marketing Director to become an affiliate.

Senior Marketing Director: Monthly downline membership volume of $10,000 generated.

Regional Director: $25,000 in downline membership volume each month

National Director: Monthly downline membership volume of $50,000.

International Director: Monthly downline membership volume of $100,000 generated.

Executive Director: produce $250,000 in downline membership volume per month

Board of Directors: $550,000 in downline membership volume every month.

Board of Directors for Ambassadors: Monthly downline membership volume of $1,000,000

The $100 per month that Members and Partner Members pay to access the inCruises trip booking platform is referred to as Membership Volume.

It should be noted that anyone recruiting (unilevel) leg can account for up to 40% of the necessary monthly membership volume.

Furthermore, free memberships do not provide a qualifying volume.

Affiliates of Retail Commissions in Cruises receive $20 for each new member they promote.

On the recruiting of Partner Members, Cruises pay monthly recruitment commissions:

$50 is earned by adding one Partner Member.

$60 for bringing on a second Partner Member

bringing on a third Partner Member is worth $70.

A fifth Partner Member would cost $90, while a fourth Partner Member would cost $80.

$100 is earned for finding a sixth Partner Member.

bringing on a seventh Partner Member is worth $110.

acquiring an eighth Partner Member will cost you $120.

bringing on a ninth Partner Member is worth $130.

$150 is earned by finding a tenth Partner Member.

Each recruit earns $150 starting with the tenth Partner Member and continuing through the month’s conclusion.

Every month, commissions on hiring are reset.

Upline inCruises Members and Member Partners who individually recruit Members and Member Partners can earn a 100% Matching Bonus on the recruiting commissions paid to those individuals.

Each week, the Matching Recruitment Bonus is given out.

A new Member or Partner Member must have been suggested or recruited by the recruiting affiliate in that week for them to be eligible for the matching recruitment incentive.

Then, only if a personally recruited affiliate meets the following five conditions that week will their profits be matched:

recommend a Member to get one point

Gain a Partner’s Support = 1 point

obtain a Partner Member to get two points

The maximum number of personally recruited affiliates for the Matching Recruitment Bonus is 10 (so you can only match the earnings of up to ten affiliates you’ve personally recruited).

Finally, it appears that the Matching Recruitment Bonus has some sort of “claim” mechanism:

Weekly Matching Bonuses have a deadline for claimsim. If you met the requirements, you can also receive the bonus from the previous week (a total of two weeks).

Your weekly bonuses are no longer visible, and you are no longer qualified to earn that pay if you don’t claim them.

This looks to be an effort to cheat Cruises affiliates out of Matching Recruitment Bonuses that they have already earned and qualified for.

A unilevel compensation system is used by Residual Commissions in Cruises to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Every Member or Partner Member who is directly or indirectly recruited into the unilevel team receives $5 from inCruises.

As long as each Member or Partner Member pays their $100 monthly fee, commissions are paid. Free memberships should be noted as not being commissionable volume.

Up to 20 unilevel team levels can generate residual commissions:

Two unilevel team levels of residual commissions are earned by marketing directors.

Five unilevel team levels provide residual commissions to senior marketing directors and regional marketing directors.

Over 10 unilevel team levels, National Directors and International Directors are paid residual commissions.

15 unilevel team levels of residual commissions are earned by executive directors.

Twenty unilevel team levels of residual commissions are paid to the Board of Directors.

Bonuses for team leadership

Team Leadership Bonuses are recurring payments based on rank:

The monthly pay for marketing directors is $300.

Each month, senior marketing directors are paid $1000.

The monthly pay for regional directors is $2500.

The monthly pay for national directors is $5,000.

Monthly pay for international directors is $10,000.

$25,000 is paid to executive directors each month.

Board members are paid $55,000 every month.

$155,000 is paid to the Ambassador Board of Directors each month.

Only 40% of the qualifying volume for each tier of the Team Leadership Bonus may originate from a single unilevel team leg.

In addition, inCruises affiliates must “claim” earned Team Leadership Bonuses each month, much as the Matching Recruitment Bonus. Failure which inCruises defrauds them of a bonus they’ve already earned.

Free memberships should be noted as not contributing to the Team Leadership Bonus volume.

Affiliates of Producer Bonus inCruises receive 250 Reward Points for bringing on five Partner Members.

New Partners might get a $500 Quick Start Incentive from inCruises.

A new inCruises affiliate must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the Quick Start Incentive.

fifteen Members, fifteen Partners, or fifteen Partner Members.

Direct or indirect referrals or recruitment may be used to find required Members, recruited Partners, and/or Partner Members.

Rapid Start Within 15 days after joining up, participants must fulfill the requirements for the incentive.

Affiliates of inCruises who bring on five Partner Members in a month are paid $350 as a recruitment bonus.

Quick Start Bonus

The $1000 recruiting incentive is offered under the Fast Start Incentive.

A new Partner must create any combination of thirty Members and Partner Members to be eligible for the Fast Start Incentive.

These can be Partner Members and Members who have been directly or indirectly referred or recruited, but it must be done within 90 days after joining up.

After becoming eligible for the Fast Start Incentive, the Marketing Director rank must be maintained for two consecutive months.

Bonus Points for Reward

Top Partner and Partner Member recruiters receive additional Reward points each month from inCruises.

In weekly and monthly enrollment challenges, partners who actively sign up new Partner Members and support their team in doing the same are eligible to win Reward Points.

Each category’s top 10 qualifiers will get between 50 and 500 (1 for 1) Reward Points, which they can use to purchase a trip.

The marketing materials for inCruises provide information on two Bonus Reward Points categories:

each Partner recruited earns 2 points, and each Partner Member earns 5 points, every week (min 10 points to qualify)

1 point is given each month for each Partner and/or Partner Member that is brought in (min 2 points to qualify)

Affiliates that achieve the Executive Director rank level on Cruises are given Rolex watches as an incentive.

World Summit Competitions

Affiliates who meet the requirements for the yearly Global Summit Contests receive “a 5-star luxury holiday for two” from inCruises.

Winners are allowed to travel with the inCruises Executive Team and other esteemed international leaders.

There are no qualifications for the Global Summit Contest listed.

Global Bonus for New Production

Affiliates of inCruises who are Members of the Board or Ambassador Members of the Board are eligible for the Global New Production Bonus.

Members of the Boards and Ambassador Members of the Board, in addition to meeting rank requirements

have either earned $100,000 in new $100 Member and Partner Member fees or have earned $220,000 in new $100 Member and Partner Member fees the previous month.

Members of the Boards and Ambassador Members of the Board get 5% of their downline’s new $100 Member and Partner Member purchases from the prior month, provided they satisfy the aforementioned qualifications.

Taking a Cruise

The cost of an inCruises affiliate membership is $195, plus $95 yearly. This is known as “Partner.”

Affiliates of inCruise who wish to join the travel club must pay

$395 is the enrollment fee (covers the first month)

Travel membership is $100 per month (starting in the second month) and $95 per year (affiliate membership fee after the first year)

“Partner Member” refers to affiliate membership plus the inCruises trip booking engine.

Conclusion of inCruises

I didn’t recall increases in pay structure being so muddled and complicated. I compared this review’s remuneration part to the 2018 review after I finished writing it. Indeed, recompense for inCruises was considerably simpler back then.

But it doesn’t mean it was any better in terms of legal compliance.

I want to point you that the compensation structure for inCruises is disorganized before we continue.

The inCruises website has a link to one compensation document. it includes connections to further materials, etc.

I had to open and maintain five pay and bonus documents open to acquire a clear idea of the inCruises compensation scheme.

Because both lack essential information, you can’t depend on either one. This is absurd and perplexing.

One compensation paperwork should be used. It’s also acceptable if you wish to give a more straightforward overview. However, if there are more than two comprehensive plan documents, you are purposefully making it more difficult for customers to conduct their due diligence.

Contrary to popular belief, inCruises claims to have “a compliant compensation scheme”.

The pyramid scheme focus I’ve brought out in both of our previous evaluations hasn’t been addressed, even though it’s not openly non-compliant.

InCruises make a great deal out of not paying affiliate commissions. Even though it is true, a pyramid scheme still exists if the vast majority of memberships are acquired as Partner Memberships.

I’d concentrate mostly on two measures if I were a regulator investigating inCruises:

the proportion of Member sales to Partner and Partner Member sales (in terms of the overall income earned by inCruises each month); and the ratio of actual trip bookings to the sum of Member, Partner, and Partner Member payments received.

The first statistic supports my prior assertion that Partner Members account for the majority of inCruises’ corporate membership income. As a result, it would be a pyramid scam.

The second aspect relates to the unspoken truth about inCruises: No commissions or bonuses are connected to actual vacation bookings.

“But we sell access to travel,” is a valid response to this, assuming that an actual trip is being scheduled.

If the amount of travel booked through inCruises is negligible compared to the $100 membership cost month to month, then it is likely that fewer individuals are booking trips.

The fact that individuals are joining inCruises for the business potential, coupled with the meager Member sales (retail), suggests that the company is once again operating as a pyramid scam.

Another defense is that Members and Partner Members are booking travel in advance each month as a result of Reward Points.

That reasoning is acceptable to me as long as commissions and incentives are strictly linked to the usage of Reward Points for travel.

That’s how the pay structure would be set up, in my opinion, if inCruises were truly about travel.

This is the suggested manner for affiliates to launch their inCruises business, according to the inCruises compensation documents (quick start incentive qualifying);

Simply sign up 5 direct partner members, and with the aid of your sponsored partner, assist each of them in signing up 5 more.

That is a pyramid scam.

The inCruises website receives around an average of one million views every month, according to SimilarWeb.

Peru (17%), Ukraine (10%), and Spain (9%) are the top three countries from which inCruises receives traffic.

Ukraine is a noticeable exception. I’m not claiming there aren’t any travelers in Ukraine… However, how vibrant is the Ukrainian market for leisure travel at the moment?

Approximately 100,000 Ukrainians use the inCruises website each month to plan cruises; are all of these Partners and Partner Members involved in a pyramid scheme?

It’s important to note that neighboring Russia issued a warning about the Cruises pyramid scheme in November. Despite global circumstances, it appears that inCruises recruiting in Russia has subsequently dropped.

Then there is Peru, where the average monthly income was 1615 SOL (about $418) as of December 2021. Is this a nation where you’d anticipate seeing individuals save $100 every month for vacations?

Once more, I’m not suggesting Peruvians don’t travel. I just find it suspicious that the top nation sending the most visitors to the inCruises website.

What’s the chance that inCruises would instantly fail in Peru and Ukraine if it implemented a “you must have five personally referred Members” rule?

When inCruises claims to offer a “legally compliant compensation scheme,” they are accurate. The issue is that a “non-compliant business model” may very well be there.

And that’s where I believe inCruises’ legal aspect breaks down.

This “claiming your bonuses” crap is another quite suspicious thing. Bonuses have already been earned by individuals. Don’t make them go to the back office to claim them. Just give individuals their due compensation.

InCruises may be defrauding individuals of money by allowing affiliates to claim bonuses that have already been earned, as was indicated in the review’s section on remuneration. It conveys a very negative message about the business.

Your greatest bet as a potential inCruises affiliate is to find out how many Members your upline has brought in. Compare it to the number of Partners and Partner Members they have attracted.

Ask them how much travel they’ve booked in the previous year if they are themselves a Partner Member. If the response is “none,” accept it as true.

Whatever the justifications, the reality remains that if individuals are paying for access to a trip booking engine but aren’t purchasing travel, it’s because they weren’t interested in booking travel.

I haven’t seen anything that suggests inCruises is just a $395 sign-up and then a $ 100-a-month pyramid scheme, to sum up.

Take care when approaching.

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