Beware of Ormeus Global – Review Part 3

A new fugitive has joined Dubai’s criminal underworld: John Barksdale.

At a nearby karaoke bar, Barksdale recently celebrated his birthday.

Attendee Vitaliy Dubinin posted videos of the event on Facebook.

The Ormeus Global Ponzi scam was run by Barksdale and his sister JonAtina.

In March, John Barksdale was charged. In connection with criminal allegations of securities and wire fraud, he is still wanted by US authorities.

Over 20,000 investors in Ormeus Global are said to have lost at least $124 million in parallel legal cases brought by the SEC.

It was thought that Barksdale was in Thailand at the time of his indictment. Whether Barksdale escaped to Dubai after being charged or during his 2019 arrest in Thailand is unknown.

What the SEC filings have shown is that

Defendant John Barksdale was physically served with the summons and first amended complaint from abroad on June 20, 2022.

Once more, it’s unclear if “overseas” refers to Thailand or the UAE.

Barksdale’s appearance in the UAE is hardly a surprise given that Dubai is the world’s MLM crime center.

Dubai hosts and provides a haven for con artists through a lack of regulation of securities fraud, the absence of extradition treaties, and non-cooperation with international authorities.

Vitaliy Dubinin gave Barksdale a sword necklace for his birthday.

Dubinin, who has also escaped to Dubai, is a prolific MLM Ponzi scam marketer. His criminal and civil fraud prosecutions are long overdue.

Dubinin is currently aggressively promoting the Dubai-based Ultron Ponzi scam in the wake of MetaForce’s bankruptcy.

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