Beware of MetaForce – Review Part 2

The most recent Forsage relaunch by Vladimir “Lado” Okhotnikov, MetaForce, has failed.

Okhotnikov is buying time by claiming that investor monies are “frozen.”

Okhotnikov (right) stated three days earlier that MetaForce had raised “more than 100 million DAI” from more than 300,000 investors.

DAI is a stablecoin that is linked to the US dollar. As a result, Okhotnikov is claiming to speak for MetaForce, which has handled over USD 100 million.

On the backend of MetaForce, however, nothing is coming out, which is unfortunate for investors.

Achievements do have a drawback, though. The volume of transactions significantly slowed down our effort to return the frozen monies.

Okhotnikov attributes the freezing to “WEB3.”

Such is WEB3; it has the potential to become highly sophisticated in many ways that WEB2 can handle with ease.

Yes, it is challenging, and there is a lot of redoing. And remodeling is far harder than developing anything from scratch. Because, even though it would be much simpler, we cannot just discard everyone who has already engaged in the programs and start again.

Correction work is far more difficult than creating and launching anything new. The work that has to be done right away, as well as the unfreezing of monies that were incorrectly frozen, is a huge effort that, regrettably, is unlikely to ever be fully understood by any of you.

How much in “frozen” investor monies Okhotnikov has on hand is unknown.

Okhotnikov has pledged to divulge a MetaForce plan to keep the money coming in. The plan in question will outline “the next initiatives (he) wants to deploy.”

We are now putting excellent ideas into practice, and after observing how we are managing the problem, I am convinced that with a team like this, we can produce the best products available.

Next in line are the UniteVerse program, Royalty NFT, and the complete deployment of the Classic program with cashback tokens and NFT Classic. With the universe program, our primary coin’s IDO commences.

After IDO, we’ll also unveil the logistics and our Metaverse, where we’ll put the “virtual meets reality” tenet into practice.

Last month, Okhotnikov was sued by the SEC. The regulator claims that Okhotnikov duped consumers out of more than $300 million through his Forsage Ponzi schemes.

The sixth Forsage reboot by Okhotnikov is MetaForce. The only difference in MetaForce’s operation from the prior five Forsage reboots is the addition of crypto marketing jargon.

Russian authorities also issued a warning last month about the MetaForce pyramid scheme in addition to US regulatory action.

According to SimilarWeb’s ranking for July 2022, Russia accounted for 26% of all visits to MetaForce’s website.

With a 2993% month-over-month growth in traffic, the UK comes in second at 23%. Georgia is third with 6%, up 759% from one month ago.

Okhotnikov is situated in the Georgian city of Tbilisi. Okhotnikov or MetaForce have not yet been targeted by Georgian authorities.

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