Beware of Success Factory – Review

After abandoning their DagCoin Ponzi scam, Success Factory, the company’s marketing division, declared they were entering the US.

Thus, Success Factory hosted an event in Dubai in February 2022. Along with Forex Insiders, new CEOs Roald Mailly (Europe) and Jason Tyne (US) were made public.

securities fraud, too. securities fraud is widespread.

Nils Grossberg, the creator of DagCoin and a former OneCoin Ponzi schemer, doesn’t appear to want to be the face of his business anymore.

Former OneCoin investor Roald Mailly. Before engaging in the Ponzi scam, he worked for ACN up to the end of 2016.

Naturally, OneCoin’s Ponzi aspect exploded in the first few days of January 2017. Igor Albert, the top OneCoin net-winner, took Mailly and the rest of Alberts’ downline under his wing when they switched to DagCoin.

As a DagCoin investor, Mailly advanced to Crown Diamond. He joined as the Vice President of Marketing for Success Factory and DagCoin in February 2020.

Mailly will take over as CEO of Success Factory Europe in March 2022.

However, this is just Mailly’s executive marketing function with a new title given that Nils Grossberg and Igor Alberts are the actual driving forces behind DagCoin and Success Factory.

For years, Jason Tyne has advertised himself as a marketing trainer. His position as CEO of a company called “New Tycoon” seems to have been his longest.

Tyne eventually ended up at Cheri Tree and Esther Wildenberg’s CodeBreaker Technologies after that failed.

With clients in more than 180 countries, CodeBreaker Technologies describes itself as “the world leader in Personality Coding Technology.” It’s a marketing system, to put it in fancy terms.

Nevertheless, Tyne appeared at Success Factory events as the Vice President of Licensing and Vice President of the CodeBreaker Direct Selling Division for CodeBreaker Technologies as early as 2020.

Tyne was described as “a vital element of our community” by Success Factory in March 2021.

At that time, Tyne was listed as a “Board Advisor” for Success Factory on his LinkedIn page.

Tyne quit CodeBreaker Technologies at some time, and presto! He is now the US corporate representative of a OneCoin offshoot.

The US debut of Success Factory and Forex Insider are related. However, Forex Insider is not a brand-new service. In reality, it has existed since at least 2020.

Forex Insider used to be a straightforward signals app. The problem is that participants in a Ponzi scheme aren’t attracted to signals. They want to invest large sums of money and then reap the rewards.

What has Forex Insider modified to coincide with the US debut, then?

a trading robot.

I’ll let Roald Mailly explain when he appeared at the Success Factory event in Dubai in February 2022;

[18:53] Of course, whenever a human step is involved, something may go wrong. So let’s speak about it all and go to work with auto trading.

This implies that the deal will automatically initiate anytime you are not even using your phone or when you are asleep.

[19:24] Once this is set up, you may select between active and passive.

[19:41] If you select automated, the system will handle everything.

Additionally, on April 11, 2022, a Success Factory commercial video was posted to their YouTube page that contains the following blink-and-you’ll-miss-it line:

[2:00] Did you know that Forex Insiders allows you to select your trading approach?

To have total control over your profit objective, choose manual trading.

Alternately, select automated trading to let our knowledgeable adviser handle everything.

Curiously, neither the Success Factory website nor the independent Forex Insider website makes any mention of automated trading, even though it is a huge concern.

A 31% ROI claim for March 2022 and a 61% ROI over the previous 12 months are what you will discover:

These marketing assertions are allegedly supported by “transparent reports” that have been “backtested 10 years.”

Funny enough, neither the websites of Success Factory nor Forex Insiders offer its customers access to these reports.

That is probably considered misleading marketing under the FTC Act. Securities fraud is far more significant, especially when OneCoin and DagCoin are taken into account.

Keep in mind that Ponzi investors aim to invest money and then earn a passive income. That’s exactly what Forex Insiders’ new automatic feature is.

Subscribers to Forex Insiders can pay up to $79 per month for access. On the understanding that Forex Insiders would produce a passive return (currently represented as up to 31% a month and/or up to 61% yearly), funds are collectively placed under Success Factory’s supervision.

It is a straightforward MLM opportunity including a trading bot that counts as a securities offering and necessitates SEC registration in the US.

Nils Grossberg, Roald Mailly, DagCoin, Success Factory, and Jason Tyne are not SEC-registered companies as of the time of publishing.

This implies that Success Factory is at the very least conducting securities fraud in the US. Jason Tyne has also been made out to be the bad guy.

I don’t mean it passively if you’ll pardon the pun. Tyne has spent years hanging out with the Success Factory and DagCoin Ponzi scheme operators. He is fully aware of the situation he is in.

It remains to be seen if Success Factory’s venture into the US will yield any results. I’d be amazed if Grossberg and company hadn’t been connected on a whiteboard someplace since OneCoin is always on the regulatory radar of US authorities.

It’s a fresh strategy to hire someone in Atlanta, Georgia to take the blame for seasoned Ponzi scammers who are hiding out in Europe and Dubai. But so yet, it hasn’t been profitable.

At the time of writing, Alexa lists Saudi Arabia (42%), Pakistan (20%), and Algeria (9%) as the top three traffic-producing countries for Success Factory’s website.

For some time, DagCoin struggled to survive in these countries. The money has run out, thus attention is now being paid to the US.

Konstantin Ignatov discovered that this presents its own unique set of regulatory difficulties. The SEC and DOJ are more likely to pay attention to the bigger Success Factory become in the US.

Or, nothing will happen, and Success Factory will quietly end. There is a ton of OneCoin/DagCoin cash between Grossberg and Alberts, though, to spend on marketing. They aren’t about to give up, in my opinion.

On May 10th in Atlanta, Success Factory will formally open in the US.

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