Beware of iLearning Crypto – Review

On its website, iLearning Crypto makes no mention of the company’s owners or managers.

On September 8th, 2021, iLearning Crypto quietly registered the domain name “” for its website.

One marketing film, uploaded on a Vimeo account, may be seen on the iLearning Crypto webpage.

That account is called “Twin TurboTRX Official”:

Early last year, the tron cycler Twin TurboTRX was introduced.

The defunct Ponzi scam looks to be revived in iLearning Crypto.

Husky Designs and Ann Marie Osorio were the only people BehindMLM who were able to connect with Twin TurboTRX.

India-based Husty Designs is a web development business that encourages scams. Californian graphic designer Ann Marie Osorio works in this field.

Uncertain how Husty Designs and Osorio relate to iLearning Crypto.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Products from iLearning Crypto

There are no services or goods that iLearning Crypto offers for sale.

Affiliates are only permitted to advertise iLearning Crypto affiliate membership itself.

Access to a “Global Training Center” is made possible by affiliate membership in iLearning Crypto.

The Global Training Center of iLearning Crypto features several digital goods.

Plan of Compensation for iLearning Crypto

Tether is invested by iLearning Crypto affiliates in exchange for “daily passive rewards”:

Bitcoin 101: 40 USDT

102 Bitcoins to 100 USDT

103 Bitcoin to 250 USDT

Bitcoin: 500 USDT

105 Bitcoin to 1000 USDT

Keep in mind that only affiliates in the Crypto 105 tier are eligible for iLearning Crypto’s daily returns.

The eLearning Crypto MLM pays on recruiting.

Employer commissions

A 31 matrix cycler is used by iLearning Crypto to pay out recruitment commissions.

In a 31 matrix, an affiliate occupies the top position and is followed by three other spots.

Affiliates who have been recruited directly or indirectly invest to fill these roles.

On the first two slots of the matrix, commissions are paid as 50% of the buy-in.

A new same-tier cycler post is created from the third position.

A cycle occurs when all three posts are filled.

Note that an eLearning Crypto cycler position may only cycle twice, after which a new position must be invested.

In light of the foregoing, the five-tier cycler rewards for iLearning Crypto are as follows:

Crypto 101: You will get a maximum of 80 USDT over two cycles if you deposit 40 USDT.

Crypto 101: Invest 100 USDT and get 100 USDT in return for every cycle, up to a maximum of 200 USDT over two cycles.

Invest 250 USDT to receive 250 USDT every cycle with a maximum of 500 USDT across two cycles in Crypto 103.

Invest 500 USDT to receive 500 USDT every cycle with a ceiling of 1000 USDT across two cycles in cryptocurrency cycle 104.

Cryptocurrency 105: Invest $1,000 and get $1,000 back every cycle, up to a maximum of $2,000 over two cycles.

Trader’s Bot

Affiliates of iLearning Crypto who invest at Crypto 103 and higher get access to a trading bot.

The bot is “supplied by a third party,” according to iLearning Crypto, and it disclaims liability for any damages that may result from its use.

Further Bonuses

The marketing materials for iLearning Crypto include “Leadership League Prize Pool” and “Rank Achievement Bonuses.”

No precise information is given, except for the fact that top recruiters will receive payment from the Leadership League Prize Pool.

eLearning Crypto membership

An initial 40 to 1000 USDT investment is required to join iLearning Crypto as an affiliate:

Bitcoin 101: 40 USDT

102 Bitcoins to 100 USDT

103 Bitcoin to 250 USDT

Bitcoin: 500 USDT

105 Bitcoin to 1000 USDT

Reinvestment is necessary to keep making money once iLearning Crypto’s matrix cycler has produced a 200% ROI.

eLearning Crypto Conclusion

Unsurprisingly, Twin TurboTRX is completely recreated in iLearning Crypto.

Although the company’s website now refers to Tron, iLearning Crypto marketing from the beginning mentions its usage.

What the story is there is unclear to me.

Perhaps Tron was used to launching iLearning Crypto first, but it failed, then tether was used to relaunch it.

You’re looking at a 200% ROI cycler Ponzi in any case. Daily returns and an unsupported trading bot are added on top of it.

The digital library is outdated and useless compliance. Bundling items to a Ponzi scheme won’t make it legitimate.

My examination of Twin TurboTRX relates to iLearning Crypto since they operate in roughly the same market;

Twin TurboTRX, which claims to be “the best smart contract ever,” is simply another low-effort cycler Ponzi scheme robbing gullible individuals of their money.

When Twin TurboTRX eventually failed, the majority of its affiliates suffered financial losses.

The failure of eLearning Crypto won’t be any different.

According to current Alexa traffic projections, Canada will account for the bulk of iLearning Crypto investors (84%).

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