Beware of EvoRich – Review Part 3

A few months ago EvoRich investors were being diverted into Bob Ultee’s BobCoin fraud.

As of September 2022, here’s how that’s panned out:

Investors from EvoRich are now being directed to FNT, a brand-new scam operated by unidentified individuals.

There’s not much to FNT. Scammers behind EvoRich, who made money by forcing their victims into BOBC, are at it again:

Ironically, three of the four “we’re gonna be the next …” coins used to market FNT have resulted in widespread losses.

CRO is tied to the failing business, it has a current trading value of 11 cents

LUNA was a Ponzi scheme that collapsed back in May, it was rebooted and immediately collapsed from a made-up $14 value to ~$2

Since the Ponzi scheme that CEL is linked to collapsed in June, investors have been unable to withdraw their money.

NEXO hasn’t collapsed yet but is attached to a Ponzi scheme offering “daily compounding interest”.

Moving on, EvoRich investors are being urged to convert their worthless UNT tokens (one of the many shit tokens attached to EvoRich) (of many shit tokens attached to EvoRich).

As per the previously cited marketing, FNT is being pushed for one reason: Hoping the “number go up” to allow EvoRich bagholders can cash out money that doesn’t exist.

FNT is supposed to operate from the domain “”, a newly registered website domain that hasn’t been set up yet.

The FNTWorld domain was privately registered on September 1st. No doubt scammers at the top of the remaining EvoRich dungheap know who’s behind it, but they’re not publicly sharing that information.

After the BOBC disaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if FNT was an inside job.

EvoRich collapsed after founder Andrey Khovratov (right) was arrested trying to flee Russia earlier this year.

I believe Khovratov is still in custody, but there have been no further updates since.

Traffic to Evo Rich’s website has plummeted to below trackable levels, suggesting the majority of investors have come to terms with their loss.

Update 10th September 2022 – Funneling of EvoRich investors into FNT is being coordinated by “Valentin Sokolonikov” on Telegram.

Sokolonikov is the owner of the “FNT Official” group:

Sokolnikov appears to be a Russian national living in Switzerland.

On LinkedIn Sokolnikov cites himself as CEO of Global Unit Pay:

Global Unit Pay is an in-house payment processor for EvoRich.

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